St. Louis, Milwaukee, Seattle/Tacoma, Boston and Cincinnati have the Highest Penetration of News/Talk Radio Listeners
NEW YORK, May 15, 2002 - The latest radio format study from Scarborough Research, the nation's leader in local, regional and national consumer information, indicates that almost a quarter (22 percent) of American adults 18+ listen to News/Talk radio. The markets that have the highest penetrations of News/Talk radio listeners are St. Louis (40 percent), Milwaukee (39 percent), Seattle/Tacoma (37 percent), Boston and Cincinnati (both 34 percent). The markets with the lowest penetrations are Honolulu (nine percent), Memphis and Greenville (10 percent), Charleston (11 percent) and Lexington, Mobile and Wilkes-Barre (which all come in at 12 percent). Penetrations for some other metropolitan cities include Chicago (28 percent), Washington, DC (21 percent) and New York (17 percent). The study reveals that older adults are setting their dials to the News/Talk radio format. The median age of listeners is 52, and almost a quarter (24 percent) of News/Talk listeners are ages 45-54. Adults between the ages of 55 and 64 are 47 percent more likely to listen to the format and seniors 65+ are 50 percent more likely to tune in. On the flip side, younger adults are less likely to tune in: Only three percent of News/Talk radio listeners are ages 18-24, and 11 percent are 25-34. The study also reveals better-educated and affluent individuals are more likely to be News/Talk radio listeners. Over half (52 percent) of listeners are white-collar workers. Individuals with postgraduate degrees are 82 percent more likely to tune in than the market average, and 37 percent of people who have a household income of $250,000 or more listen to the News/Talk radio format. Over 80 percent of News/Talk radio listeners own their residence: Listeners who own a second home are over a third (34 percent) more likely to tune in. In addition, over half (53 percent) of News/Talk listeners have used a Gold or Platinum credit card in the past three months. Investing is an important trait for News/Talk radio listeners. Close to half (45 percent) have invested in a mutual fund, and News/Talk listeners are 48 percent more likely to use a full-service or discount broker. Long-term investments rank high among News/Talk radio listeners. Twenty-nine percent have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and listeners are almost three-quarters (74 percent) more likely to have invested in a Keogh plan. News/Talk radio listeners like to stay active. Close to two-thirds (63 percent) walk for exercise while over half (53 percent) enjoy gardening. Other leisure activities that rank high among News/Talk radio listeners are swimming (35 percent), photography (28 percent) and bicycling (26 percent). The study also found that adults who enjoy antiquing are 80 percent more likely to listen to News/Talk radio. "Based on the world's current volatility, Americans' need to stay abreast of local and national news has increased, and many find themselves tuning in to News/Talk radio," noted Howard Goldberg, senior vice president, Radio, Scarborough Research. "Non-News/Talk format stations are now considering their options to provide their listeners with news and information that they had once not offered in the past. This will place an additional emphasis on the News/Talk format stations to meet the programming needs of their core listeners." About Scarborough Research
Scarborough Research is a leader in local, regional and national consumer patterns and media usage. Scarborough serves a broad client base of radio and TV stations, cable systems, newspapers, advertisers, agencies, sports teams and leagues, Internet companies and out-of-home media. Over 200,000 adults are interviewed annually, and reports are issued twice a year examining a variety of consumer characteristics including online and offline consumer purchasing patterns, traditional and nontraditional media use, detailed demographics, and lifestyle activities. Scarborough is a mid-size company, with its executive offices located in New York City. Scarborough Research is a joint venture between Arbitron Inc and VNU Media Measurement & Information.


Percent of News/Talk Radio Listeners By
Market* Penetration
   Market*    Percent            Market*    Percent        St. Louis, MO    40%        Indianapolis, IN    20%    
   Milwaukee, WI    39        Raleigh-Durham, NC     20    
   Seattle, WA    37        Richmond, VA    19    
   Boston, MA    34        Spokane, WA    19    
   Cincinnati, OH    34        Flint, MI    19    
   Minneapolis, MN     32        Harrisburg, PA    18    
   Des Moines, IA    32        Charlotte, NC    18    
   Denver, CO    31        West Palm Beach, FL     18    
   Rochester, NY    31        Las Vegas, NV    17    
   San Francisco, CA    31        New York, NY    17    
   San Diego, CA    28        Albuquerque, NM    17    
   Salt Lake City, UT    28        Tucson, AZ    17    
   Albany, NY    28        Jacksonville, FL    17    
   Buffalo, NY    28        Oklahoma City, OK    16    
   Chicago, IL    28        Fresno, CA    16    
   Providence, RI    27        Roanoke, VA    16    
   Atlanta, GA    27        Austin, TX    16    
   Pittsburgh, PA    27        Miami, FL    16    
   Portland, OR    27        Tampa, FL    15    
   Baltimore, MD    27        Fort Myers, FL    15    
   Phoenix, AZ     26        El Paso, TX    15    
   Louisville, KY    26        Birmingham, AL    15    
   Dallas, TX    25        Greensboro, NC    15    
   Cleveland, OH    25        Los Angeles, CA    15    
   Detroit, MI    24        Orlando, FL    15    
   Hartford, CT    24        Knoxville, TN    14    
   New Orleans, LA    23        Norfolk, VA    14    
   Kansas City, MO    23        Philadelphia, PA    14    
   Syracuse, NY    23        Wichita, KS    14    
   Columbus, OH    22        Nashville, TN    13    
   Dayton, OH    22        Lexington, KY    12    
   Toledo, OH    22        Mobile, AL    12    
   Sacramento, CA    22        Wilkes-Barre, PA    12    
Tulsa, OK    22        Charleston, WV    11    
Houston, TX    22        Memphis, TN    10    
Grand Rapids, MI    21        Greenville, SC    10    
San Antonio, TX    21        Honolulu, HI    9    
   Washington, DC    21                

National Average = 22%
*Market represents DMA (Designated Market Area)

Source: Scarborough Research Release 2 2001

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