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everything you will need for this course will be found on this syllabus or on links included here
You do not need to look on blackboard to do the assignments

American National Government
Course Syllabus POS2041
Full Summer Term 2015/R. Ziegler
Online 5/11 - 8/6

Three credits are earned upon completion of this course;
there are no prerequisites.


The theory, organization, principles and functions of national government,
stressing relationships of individuals to all levels of government in the political system.
This course includes activities designed to ensure or enhance competence
in the basic use of computers.

TEXT American Government & Politics Today Schmidt, Shelley, and Bardes
most recent edition is appropriate one

Computer Based Learning Activity

To demonstrate competence with the basic use of computers
the College's US Government (POS2041) course is designed
to include a formal 'computer-based' learning activity. For this
particular course the following assignment(s) assessment and
percentage of final grade protocols have been established:

Description of assigned computer-based learning activity

Students will be required to download the mid term exam and study guide
from the internet web site on which it is posted. They will also be required
to locate one scholarly article from a website to which they are referred,
and another from professional scholarly journals in political science located
on VCC library data bases, and to submit via email their critical reviews of
those articles. Thirdly, students will be required to prepare a legal brief of
a supreme court decision by accessing the or other web site.
Laptops may be used in class but only for class-related activities.
Please submit all work to instructor’s yahoo email address, listed below
Description of impact on percentage of final course grade

The critical reviews, web projects, and the case brief
each constitute 1/5 of the course grade the student earns in this class.
The mid term and final are each also 1/5 of the final grade.
Computer based skills thus are involved in well over half of the total final course grade.




Ron Ziegler, Political Science
Office Hours: by appointment


Human beings naturally live in groups. An effective government is necessary in organizing and maintaining order in a society of people, although it's function is not to control them. There must also be an agent whose function it is to maintain smooth market operations as to the allocation of natural resources. Government is also important in settling conflicts and disputes which arise in society. A citizen of a particular society must know and understand the operation of the government; it's primary function is to safeguard their natural rights as citizens. U.S. Government I is a required course designed to acquaint students with their political system.


On line course may 11 - august 6, 2015


week of:

5/11 read ch 1, 2 american system, constitution, and federalism
view The Great Global Warming Swindle
Go here
write a 500 word comment on this movie and email it to instructor this week
begin working on midterm - see below

5/18 read chapters 2, 3 civil rights and liberties
view The Revolutionary Holocaust (all four parts)
and write a 500 word commentary on it which you email to instructor this week
Revolutionary Holocaust

6/1 read chapters 4, 5 and appendix A civil rights and liberties
and do Web Projects 1 and 2 described in syllabus below
and submit them to instructor by email this week
watch this short video:
Declaration of Independence

6/8 read ch 6, 7 political socialization
view the video Fiscal Policy from the series Economics USA Fiscal Policy
and submit a 500 word comment on it responding to at least
the following questions:
The original video on fiscal policy in this series concluded with JFK calling
for tax cuts to stimulate the economy and grow government revenue.
After his assassination, the largest tax cut in history to that point was passed
and led to an unparalleled period of economic growth, as they have
whenever it has been done. The revised third part of the video funded stimulus package
grants has replaced this with Obama calling for tax increases to increase
government revenue. This tactic has always slowed the economy and not grown
revenue. Discuss why this change may have been made in the video you see on line and what your opinion of the theory.
why did JFK want to cut taxes on the rich?
having predicted a recession after the end of the war,
why did they not mention the one that occured in 1946?
why did they then call the recession which took place after Ike ended
the Korean conflict a 'republican' recession?

EX: (the recession forecast for 1946 was ignored because truman was a democrat
the one caused by the end of the korean conflict is called a republican recession
the hypocrisy is too clear.
kennedy gave us advice for today:
if you cut tax rates, especially on the wealthy and businesses,
there will be more investment and jobs and government revenue on it
it would stimulate the economy.
FDR made the depression worse and last longer.
it did not lessen in 1936, it got worse in 1937 when in spite of what the video says,
he did not cut spending but started a scam tax called social security)

6/15 read ch 8, 9 interest groups, parties, elections, media
do Web Projects 3 and 4 described in syllabus below
and submit them to instructor by email this week

6/9 read chapters 8. 9 and do the case brief and submit it my email this week

6/22 read chapter 10 and view the video Boom and Bust from the series Economics USA
Boom and Bust
and write a 500 word commentary about it explaining the following chronological pattern:
1907, 1914, 1920, 1929, 1937, 1946, 1953, 1960, 1966, 1973, 1979, 1989, 1998, 2008
the last part of this video has been changed also - it now suggests that the
2008 crash was caused by lack of government intervention and regulation,
ignoring decades of government manipulation of the housing market, ranging from Carter's Community Reinvestment Act to Clinton's forcing questionable
loans on mortgages institutions through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to Obama's involvement
in filing Buycks Robeson vs City Bank, all of which meant government creating
the housing bubble and bust. The bubble was created by government.

6/29 Mid Term Due this week - the link to it is on syllabus below
(be sure to utilize the link to study guide for case law on the midterm)
view the following short video:
Energy Prices will skyrocket

read ch 10 congress
View this short video:
Charter of Negative Liberties

7/6 read chapters 11 presidency
read chapter 12 presidency and do Article reviews 1 or 2 as described
in the syllabus below and submit them to instructor by email this week

7/13 read ch 13 judiciary and do Article reviews 3 or 4 as described
on the syllabus below and submit them to instructor by email this week

7/20 read chapter 14
view the video from the series Economics USA on the Federal Reserve:
Go Here
and write a 500 word commentary on it which you email to instructor this week
this video in the series has also been changed with a grant from the
stimulus package. It now has a third part replacing the section about how
the Fed tighten the money supply in 1966 and 1967 causing a major recession
with an attempt to justify Quantitative Easing 1, 2, and 3 to tremendously
increase the money supply by trillions of dollars, causing inflation
and a currency war, and will likely lead to having the US dollar undermined
as the world's reserve currency, but has not alleviated the recession
7/27 view this video from the series Free to Choose produced by Milton Friedman
go here
and write a 500 word commentary on it which you email to instructor this week

read ch 15 and app B
view this video from the series Free to Choose produced by Milton Friedman
and write a 500 word commentary on it which you email to instructor this week
and also view this video and consider it in your comments:
Go Here

8/3 Final Exam is due by Friday 7/25 at midnight along with all other work
view the following short video:
collective salvation and liberation theology

This not only identifies what liberation theology is, but puts Obama squarely in the ideology.
The Vatican has been fighting to weed that ideology out of the Catholic Church, led by John Paul II and Benedict XVI both of whom call it Marxism



these films have a decidedly left bias in them but they are interesting and
will help you answer quite a few of the questions on the final exam
CIA - first 52 minutes
CIA first 34 minutes
The current economic recession which began in 2008 due to Democrat housing policy and regulation
as well as fitting the approximate 7 year business cycle
has not ended. In fact, the last six years have made it worse so we now have
the lowest workforce participation rate since the 1970's in spite of the misrepresentations
about the unemployment rate from the Obama regime is now taking a turn for the worse.
The recession that has already begun will be worse than the one that began in 2008.
To find out why and to learn what is going to happen over the next six months,
watch these two short videos.
Go Here

Go Here
























The grade each student earns in this class will be the average of grades earned
on several different instruments, each constituting 1/6 of the total grade:

Mid Term
Four Critical Article Reviews
Case Brief
Commentaries on five of the seven videos
any five of the following: global warming swindle, revolutionary holocaust,
fiscal policy, boom and bust,federal reserve, the two Friedman videos)
Four Web Projects

submit all work by email to
it is better to embed your work - cut and paste it - into each email
so there is never a problem of opening an attachment



Mid Term
Go Here
Study Guide for Case Law on Mid Term
Go Here
Final Exam
Go Here

































Article Reviews

First Review

Go to or and search out one of the political science articles which is of interest to you to read, review, and write a 500 word critical analysis about it.

Second Article Review

Similarly select and treat an article or piece from either of the following:

The von Mises Institute

The Ayn Rand Institute

Third Article Review

Select one article from one of the following and comment on it in a like manner:


Walter E. Williams

Thomas sowell article

Or select one writing from the following to read on which to comment(in Spanish):

Fourth Article Review

You are going to do the same thing with one article which you select from VCC Library
media bank resources taken from any one of the following professional journals:

The American Political Science Review
The Journal of Politics
Political Research Quarterly
Political Science Quarterly
American Politics Quarterly
Presidential Studies Quarterly
Political Theory
Foreign Policy
Foreign Affairs
American Journal of Political Science
Political Behavior
Legislative Studies Quarterly
Policy Studies Journal
Policy Studies Review

You will have to include a proper citation with your comments(article title,
author, publication, issue, and date) You will find selected articles from some
of these journals if you google the journal itself, but be sure to select
a complete article to write about so you have enough to get your teeth into.






Case Brief

Select a Supreme Court decision which is of interest to you from the text and submit the assignment by the time of the mid term

Go to the following web site or do a seach on the name of the case you have selected: and find the link to US Supreme Court cases
You will be shown several ways to find cases; try several of them

You may also google any case and one of the hits will be the actual text of the decision.

Prepare a paper not to exceed two pages (1000 words) which includes the following:

1) The name of the case
2) The date it was decided by the Supreme Court
3) The facts of the case
4) The issue being decided
5) The decision of the court
6) The legal reasoning behind the case
7) The justice who wrote the decision
8) The vote
9) The concurring and dissenting decisions
10) Indicate whether the decision is still law of if it has been overturned



Web Projects

(one of these should be done every week and submitted as a set with the mid term exam)

First Project/ New Media

Find each of the following on line:

The Drudge Report

World Net Daily


Fox news network

Write a one paragraph description of each


Second Project/ Elections/FEC

Go to

what does it tell you about campaign finance reports and data?

what does it tell you about reporting and compliance?

Go to

what agency is this webpage?

what kinds of information could you learn from this webpage?













Third Project Legislative Branch

Locate the official website of the United States Congress

( and

Identify each of the following:

Speaker of the House

Majority Leader of the House

Majority Whip of the House

Minority Leader of the House

Minority Whip of the House

the number of members who are Republicans

the number of members who are Democrats

the name of the member of Congress whose district you live in

and the committees that member serves on in the Congress


President of the Senate

President pro temp of the Senate

Majority Leader of the Senate

Minority Leader of the Senate

the Florida members of the U.S. Senate and their party affiliation

(look at the state district map at

Which Florida House District do you live in, and what is the name of the Representative

elected from that district?

Which Florida Senate District do you live in, and what is the name of the Representative

elected from that district?

(use to search out this information)



Fourth Project/ Executive Branch

Go to

a) go to USA.GOV to find Executive Agencies, etc

list five of the agencies of the Executive Office of the President

tell one duty of each

name the current official serving in that position

b) click on Cabinet

name each department, one duty of each, and the current head of each

c) for Federal Agencies and Commissions

Go Here

list five independent regulatory commissions

five government corporations

five executive/administrative agencies

(and identify the primary task of each)


Contacting Instructor

You may contact the instructor through email at
or by calling at 321-805-2507 (cell)or 772-664-0285. You may leave a voice mail.
If necessary, I will contact you as necessary. If you have to miss a class,
it is advisable that you contact the instructor with that information before hand.

About Your Instructor

Ron Ziegler taught high school in Detroit, Michigan from 1967 until his retirement in 1999. During those years, he also taught adult education classes with the Cass Outreach program, and Kettering, Hazel Park, and Monroe/Bedford adult ed programs. Since 1982, he has taught political science, history, and economics at Detroit College of Business/Davenport College, Wayne State University, Macomb Community College, Monroe Community College, Florida Metropolitan/Everest University, Keiser University, and Valencia Community College. He earned his Bachelors degree in education and political science from Wayne State University in Detroit in 1968, where he also was awarded a Masters degree in political science in 1980. He completed work on his PhD in political science and history there as well. He lives near his three children, Alexander, 26, Sarah, 24, and Kalani, 21, in Kissimmee, to which they relocated following his retirement on thirty plus years of teaching with the Detroit Board of Education and following the passing of his wife in 1998.




Intellectual Honesty and Integrity

It is absolutely essential that each student maintain the highest standards
of scholastic integrity. That does not mean that students should not or may
not work together on some of their work in this class, but what is finally submitted
must be your own effort. Anything else is unacceptable. Any assignment on which
such standards are found to have been breached will be assigned a failing grade
without recourse of altering that grade. Plagiarism is unacceptable.

If you work with someone on any aspect of the course, submit your own work,

and keep in mind that the grade you receive will be based on your work. Thus,

taking someone else’s ‘advice’ could adversely impact your grade.