Strategies for Success MidTerm

1.kinesthetic learners           
2. introverts                          
3. analyzer                           
4. directors                           
5. right brain learners             
6. comfort zone         
7. discretionary time              
8. procrastination                   
9. signal words                                                                                                                                         
10. mind map                        
11. Cornell Method                 
12. >                                               
13. <                                    
14. active reading                   
15. paraphrase                       
16. SQ3R System                 
17. Guide Word
18. etymology                        
19. technical reading
20. recall                               
21. recognition                        
22. functional learning              
23. mnemonic devices
24. association
25. loci
26. acronyms                          
27. induction                           
28. discrete particulars             
29. monads                             
30. anomie                             
31. memory map
32. thesis                             
33. Ben Nighthorse Campbell  
34. Cohen & Greenfield           
35. feedback                          
36. diversity                            
37. bibliography                      
38. biased language                
39. reading matrix
40. Joanna Lau                    

Strategies for Success MidTerm Answers

A. postponing and putting off
B. individuals whose focus is inward
C. logical, thoughtful, exact, dedicated, organized
D. confident, self-directed, energetic, results-oriented
E. supporters and creators; abstract and conceptual
F. expectations may define you
G. that for which you have real choices
H. usually well coordinated, learn best by doing
I. show contrast, summary, purpose, result, etc.                                                                                                                   
J. creative nonsequential conceptual outline style
K. hybrid notetaking combining outline and concepts and summary
L. greater than                                                             
M. less than
N. cognitive concentrated focused literacy method
O. rewriting something in alternatve wording
P. survey, question, read, recite, review
Q. at top of dictionary page, first and last page entries
R. word origins                        
S. dealing with specialized information
T. able to pull a specific data into mind
U. ability to cognitively process data when presented
V. knowledge based in use or utility
W. memory tricks to help you remember
X. linking new material with old to make it meaningful
Y. method-of-place technique                      
Z. words formed from first letters of word series
AA. reasoning from the field to the particular
BB. separate unassociated individuals
CC. Liebniz' term for discrete particulars
DD. psychological state of monads; breeds alienation
EE. graphic illustration used as basis for remembering
FF. proposition, hypothesis to be tested or examined
GG. Native American US Senator from Colorado
HH. build successful icecream business
II. information of evaluation or performance
JJ. ethnic, cultural, or other differences among people
KK.list of books and other resources used in research
LL.prejudicial wording, sometime political correctness
MM. chart mapping active reading strategies
NN. immigrant engineer who build high tech business