Seeds of Fire:
China and the Story Behind the Attack on America

Paperback - 600 pages Check out our special offer – Get "Seeds of Fire" FREE Click Here Now On the eve of the first war in the 21st Century, one perplexing question remains: the role of China. The answer comes in what will be seen as one of the most important books of all time. It explains how China will use the crisis to launch itself as a new Super-Power - and become America's new major enemy. China by 2015 will have deployed tens to several tens of missiles with nuclear warheads targeted against the United States, mostly more-survivable land and sea mobile missiles. It will also have hundreds of shorter-range ballistic and cruise missiles for use in regional conflicts. Some of these shorter-range missiles will have nuclear warheads; most will be armed with conventional warheads. That prediction is from a CIA briefing paper to the Bush Administration. It is one of almost 100 pages of never-before published official documents in Seeds of Fire: China and the Story Behind the Attack on America, by Gordon Thomas. No one can afford to ignore this book!

“Seeds of Fire is a book that every patriot American – everyone who cares about the future of this country… everyone who wants to know what goes on behind the scenes must buy and read. This is THE book. Written by a highly experienced intelligence analyst, it is simply a MUST. You cannot ignore the warnings Gordon Thomas gives. “As an example of his total credibility, hours after the book was published, the CIA was forced to confirm its findings about the threat China poses. The CIA publicly confirmed what Gordon Thomas reveals in Seeds of Fire. Just how big a threat China is. “This has been kept out of the news agenda because it does not suit certain business interests to have that truth emerge. But at last here it is. I say again: Every patriotic American should buy and read this book… it is simply revelatory. “Why does the New York Times and Boston Globe, to name but two mainstream sources, not recognize the wake-up call that Seeds of Fire delivers?” — Ray Flynn, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican. On 950 AM All-Talk Radio, Boston

Author Gordon Thomas