Ronald Gordon Ziegler Vita

Citizenship: U.S.

Wayne State University, Detroit MI
BS 1968 (Major in Political Science, Education/Minor in History, English)
MA 1980 (Major in Political Science, Concentrations in American Government and Politics,
Political Economy and Theory, Comparative Politics/International Relations)
PhD/ABD 1998 (Major in Political Science, Concentrations in American Government and Politics,
Political Economy and Theory, Comparative Politics/International Relations)

Professional Positions:
Johnson University
Kissimmee FL
Adjunct Professor of History

Valencia Community College
Orlando, FL
Osceola Campus
Adjunct Instructor in Political Science
2001 - 2020

Florida Metropolitan University/Everest University
Orlando, FL
Adjunct Faculty in Political Science and History
2001 - 2013

Keiser University
Orlando, FL
Adjunct in Political Science
2003 - 2009

Davenport University
Detroit College of Business
Warren Campus 1985-2000
Adjunct Faculty
Assignments included regular teaching of Microeconomics and
Macroeconomics and periodic instruction of Introduction
to Political Science, International Relations, International
Economics, Twentieth Century American History, Twentieth Century
World History, Philosophy and Business Ethics, and
Global Economics (MBA program) among others,
a number of which have been external or distance learning classes.

Wayne State University
Adjunct faculty in Political Science
Assignments included the Introductory course as well as
opportunities to teach Political Parties and Elections several times,
among others.

Secondary Level
Full-Time teaching:

Detroit Board of Education, Feb 1968 to March 1, 1999 (retired)
Teaching a variety of social science coursework (primarily
American Government, Economics, American History, and World History)
at a number of work stations including Spain School, Northeastern, Cass Tech, Mumford,
Southeastern, and Finney High School.

Teaching Fields:
American Government
Basic Law
American History
World History
Black History
Ethnic Studies

Political Science

Political Science

Courses Taught:

Valencia College
Introduction to Political Science
International Politics
State and Local Government

Davenport/Detroit College of Business
Introduction to Political Science
International Relations
International Economics
Business Ethics
Twentieth Century American History
Twentieth Century World History
Philosophy and Business Ethics
Constitutional History
History of Political Philosophy
Global Economics (MBA program)
(Both external or distance learning/online classes)

Wayne State University
Introduction to Political Science
Political Parties and Elections
American Presidency
Legislative Process
Constitutional Law
Comparative Politics
History of Political Thought

FMU/Everest University
Introduction to American National Government/Political Science
Global Politics
Constitutional History
Business Ethics
Strategies for Success
U.S. History
World History
Florida History
Comparative Economics (Graduate)
History of Economic Thought (Graduate)
Business Statistics (Graduate)
Managerial Economics (Graduate)

Community Activites

1996 Suzy Heintz for US Congress campaign -- volunteer work, consultation
1990-1996 Detroit Free Press/News High School Current Events Quiz Finney High school coordinator
1994, 1996 Rona Romney for US Senate campaign, volunteer work
1992 Doug Carl for US Congress campaign, volunteer work, consultation
1987-1993 Worked as Manager of Shores Skateland in Clinton Township, Michigan
1987-89 US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Boating Safety Program volunteer teacher
1988 Jack Kemp for President, participant in Michigan primary campaign
1981-91 Detroit Kettering High School Adult Education Program Instructor, Hazel Park Adult Ed Instructor
1986 Michigan History Teaching Alliance
1982-5 Student Government Faculty Coordinator, Southeastern High School
1980's, 1990's High School Voter Registration Projects
1981-84 Class of '84 Faculty Senior Sponsor 1982 Candidate for Democratic Nomination for Michigan State House of Representatives in primary election
1979-81 Detroit Anti-Drug Coalition member
1978-81 Northeastern High School Cheer/Pep Team Faculty Sponsor
1977-80 Detroit Cass Outreach GED Adult Education Program
\Primarily at St Bernard's Catholic Church School
(among my students here was a former Northeastern High School student, Tommy 'Hitman' Hearns, seeking to complete his GED)
1977 Northeastern High School Senior Trip Sponsor/Chaperon
1976 Candidate for Monroe, Michigan School Board
1972 Coordinator, Consultant for Shapiro for Congress Campaign in Democrat Primary
1972 County Coordinator, McGovern for President, Michigan Presidential Primary Campaign
1969-75 Monroe County, Michigan Parks and Rec Volunteer Softball and Baseball Coach
1970 Campaign Manager, Stillwagon for Congress Primary Campaign County Coordinator, Consultant in General Election Campaign
1970 Joined April March on Washington against the war in Indochina
1970-76 Spain School Building Chair, Detroit Federation of Teachers, Local 231, AFT/AFL-CIO
1968 Participant in Robert F. Kennedy Indiana Presidential Primary Campaign
1966 Wayne State University Membership Committee Chair, Student Mobilization Committee
1964-66 President, Monroe County Young Democrat Club
summer 1965 two weeks in Mississippi as part of Freedom Summer Project teaching in freedom schools
1964, 66, 68 Wes Vivian Congressional Campaign Youth Coordinator
1964, 66 State Representative Ray Kehres campaign work
1965 Joined the March Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March 1964 Participated in Mississippi Freedom Summer Project (freedom school teacher, registrar, community/church watch, office work, etc).
1963 In Washington, DC for the August March on Washington Aug 28
1963 Spent time at the Chicago office of CORE doing volunteer work
1963-64 Part time sports copy writer for Monroe Evening News, Monroe, MI


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(this was my doctoral dissertation)

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e Journal of Political Science, Editor Ronald G. Ziegler

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