Part V Matching Answers

a. Keynes estimation of Gross Domestic Product which shows one of
the fallacies of his analysis, since Government must get its revenue from either reduced consumption
or investment
b. guaranteed deposits in banks
c. WWI war veterans who marched on Washington demanding a Bonus
d. radical Lousiana opponent of FDR
e. declared unconstitutional by Supreme Court
f. raised taxes on imports and sparked a trade war which further stifled trade
g. argument that FDR made the Depression worse an last longer
h. hispanic self-help organizations
i. FDR plan to enlarge the size of the Supreme Court so he could appoint
enough justices that they would stop throwing out his programs
j. drove farmers fromt he land in the great plains; many left for west coast
k. FDR closed the banks until they could be reorganized more solvently
l. marked start of depression although stock market had pretty much 'recovered'
it previous level a year later
m. National Labor Relations Act
n.  industrial unions like UAW and Steelworkers
o. Detroit radical radio priest who opposed FDR programs
p. brought electicity to the mid south
q. shanty towns for the poor who had lost everything in the early depression
r. change in the make-up of the Supreme Court which meant they began
to support FDR programs rather than throw them out
s. Supreme Court upheld the Wagner Act in 1937 by one vote
t. make work programs in camps for largely young unemployed people
u. workers occupied factories to get unions recognized
v. one of first color motion pictures - 1939
w. government programs that created jobs for unemployed across the nation
x. FDR programs for massive government intervention to deal with the depression crisis
y. proposed the social security program
z. Hoover program to pump money into investment in the private sector