Part III Matching Answers

a.  overthrew Diaz in 1911
b. Wilson sent him into Mexico to get Pancho Villa, and then he commanded
US troops in Europe during WWI
c. British  interventionist economist
d. invented the radio
e. produced guns with mass production and interchangeable parts
f. he toppled Madero in 1913 to rule Mexico
g. elected governor of Texas in 1924
h.  Wilson sent US troops to install him as President of Mexico to replace Huerta
i. armed by British, he led resistance to US in the Philippines
j. Bolshevik leader in Russian Revolution of November 1917
k. founded NAACP
l. shows the dispute between Taft and Teddy Roosevelt over development
of resources on US owned land
m. Tennessee teacher convicted of teaching evolution in his classroom
n. German Kaiser
o. Austrain Archduke who assassination sparked World War i
p. treatment for yellow fever made buildig Panama Canal possible
q. Russian Czar
r. build General Motors and its credit mechanism
s. used the American System of Manufacturing to produce automobiles
t. ally of Carranza who Wilson declared a bandit and sent US troops to capture
u. led the revolution that overthrew the Czar in Russia in April 1917
v. Spain's Cuban dictator thrown out by US in Spanish American War
w. Mexican dictator into the 20th century
x.  the real power in corporate America is middle management
y.  all great nations have been great sea powers
z.  behavioral psychologist who turned to advertising