Part II Matching Answers

a. cease and desist orders
b. 'clear and present danger'
c. prohibiton
d. set up federal regulation of food and drugs
e. attacks on black Americans and especially returning black veterans
f. radical foreigners executed for a payroll robbery
g. set up self rule for Puerto Rico
h. provided for popular election of US Senators
i. 1899 price fixing case in which court began to reverse the trend and apply
Sherman against trusts
j. established ' rule of reason' that a monopoly had to be both big and bad to be busted up
k. forbade 'combinations in restraint of trade'
l. recognized authority of federal government to regulate
interstate commerce
m. court refused to bust up the sugar 'monopoly'
n. recognized power of states to regulate private property and private enterprize
o. sanctioned 'separate but equal' in 1896
p. US would not own Cuba but guarantee it free government
q. no price discrimination, interlocking directorates, tying contracts, etc
r. made Puerto Ricans US citizens
s. Cleveland outlawed immigration from China
t.  invalidated Cleveland's income tax
u. upheld white only jury in conviction of a black man
v. Wilson Administration raids to round up foreigners and radicals
w. permitted the income tax
x. set up weak federal regulation over railroads, but has been expanded since
y. woman suffrage
z. court broke up this monopoly because it was 'big and bad'