Part I Matching Answers                                  

a. rebelled against foreign influence in China    
b. flourishing of black culture centered in NYC in the 1920's
c. sunk by an iceberg on its maiden voyage in 1912
d. European powers divided up Africa
e. Japan recognized US control over Philippines
f. built on notions of paternalistic government
g. period after Reconstruction in South when white Democrats recaptured control   
h. resolved the election dispute in favor of Rutherford B. Hayes
i. US would not let European nations interfere in affairs in this hemisphere
j. black Detroit inventor among whose work the self-lubricating device vastly increased productivity.
k.massive earthquake devastated this city in 1903
l.  Indian troops rose up against British          
m.  assassination here of Austrian heir sparked World War I
n. Cleveland took back millions of acres of land from private enterprize
o. European nations wanted to carve up China
p. Taft policy to promote US investment in foreign nations to develop them
q. Teddy Roosevelt policy of bullying neighbors into following his policies
r. reversed Monroe Doctrine so we would be the enforcer for European
debt collection in the Americas
s. Teddy Roosevelt sanctioned the taking of Manchuria, Sakhalin, Korea,
and Taiwan by Japan
t. British attempts to subvert Chinese resistance to their take-over by pumping
drugs into the country
u.  Japan agreed to stop emigration to the US and we agreed not to ban it
v. sinking of this ship by Germany was used to push US toward war with Germany
w. 'freed' the sharecroppers'
x. probably fraudulent diplomatic correspondence allegedly to get Mexico to
join the war with Germany and attack the US
y.  laws and customs of segregation
z.  US Sec of State John Hay insisted that China remain united and free to trade with all nations