Grading Criterion 1. On Line Mid Term Go to Mid Term 2. In Class Final Exam 3. Attendance/Participation at Sessions 4. Question and Problem Set # 1 5. Question and Problem Set # 2 6. 3 Critical Reviews of Articles from Economics USA Supplementary Text (200 words each) 7. 3 Critical Reviews of Articles from e Journal of Political Science written by Ron Ziegler (200 words each) 8. 3 Critical Reviews of Articles from e Journal of Political Science written by other authors <200 words each) The e Journal of Political Science is found at: Go to e Journal of Political Science Each of the Grading Instruments Carries Equal Weight Your grade in the class will be an average of the eight grades. You should send the critical reviews by e mail to: or post them on a web page you create at one of the following which provide free space (and directions to follow): Go to Angelfire Go to Geocities Go to Tripod (If you set up a web page, you will then e mail to me the URL of the web page you create. The angelfire site is the easiest to construct a page on, because of the method the service provides for doing that, but the other two provide far more space, although the space provided free by angelfire is more than adequate for what you will be doing in this class. The only requisite for setting up a web page is that you 'join' the service. There is no charge for doing that, but it does necessitate that you have an e mail address, because they will e mail you a password/code which will allow you alone to access the page to alter it.Once you have established the site, it will remain yours. All you have to do is update it every six months or so. After the class is concluded, you may use it for whatever you wish, within the guidelines of the service offering the space for your use.) If you send the reviews by e mail, please enter the text of your reviews as the e mail message. 'Attaching' them creates difficulties, because my carrier, AOL, presents problems of encryption and decoding which I have not been able to overcome. SEND THE REVIEWS AS THE E MAIL MESSAGE ONLY. Any time you contact me by e mail before 7/7 or after 7/28, I will respond to your questions or queries within as short a time of my having received the message as is possible. Bear in mind that e mail sometimes relays very rapidly, but it may also take as much as a day or two to reach its destination -- although that is not normal. (It will not be possible to do this between those dates as I will be out of town for that period). You are encouraged to use this medium as much as possible or necessary to get help with your work. Again, e mail me at (You may also reach me during those time periods by leaving a voice mail message at 1.810.775.3364. The e mail method is preferrable because of the ease of contact and response, and due to the cost compared to long distance tolls). HIT BACK BUTTON TO RETURN TO PREVIOUS DISPLAY