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by Ron Ziegler: There You Go, Again Hayek and the Left, Right, Left Factors in the Recent Economic Downturn To Boldly Go Political Economy and Electronics Consequences of 'Sustainable Growth' Lincoln's Progress Preserving Our 'Investment' Revin' Up Motown The Central Importance of Normal Profit in Policy Analysis Ending the 55 mph Speed Limit: Krugman and Limits to Growth The China Question The Fallacy of Tax Incidence The Fate of the Union Stopping Global Warming in Africa African Spring From G to Rising G The Third World War Remarks on Nagel and SOS
By Other Authors: Autonomy and Automobility Economics and Knowledge Market Based Environmentalism CPI Can't Keep Up With a Dynamic Economy How to Improve the CPI Why America Still Needs A Ballistic Missile Defense The IMF Needs Reform, Not More Money Agricultural Export and the IMF The Case Against the National Sales Tax The Ruse of Global Warming Microsoft and Antitrust Is Microsoft A Menace? The Benefits of Immigration An Economy Without Immigration Scrapping the Tax Code Rewriting the Code Why America Needs a Tax Cut It's Reagan's Economy, Stupid
From the Supplementary Text Book, Leading Economic Controversies of 1998 edited by Edwin Mansfield: 1)Problems Ahead for Social Security 2)Income Mobility and Economic Opportunity and 3)Soaking the Rich 4)Microsoft and the Internet 5)Eight Recent Antitrust Cases 6)Some Limitations of GDP Figures 7)Social Rates of Return from R & D 8)How Fast Can the US Economy Grow? 9)The People's Budget 10)The Third Rail of American Politics 11)The Flat Tax: Alternative Views 12)The Fed Must Be Sensitive to Imbalances 13)The Fixation on Competitiveness
You will be selecting three articles from each group. It is suggested that you might want to group your choices so that some of them are different views on similar topics. You will then write a 200 word critical review about each article you select and e mail each to me at You should try to follow this schedule for submitting these: Reviews 1 and 2 by 7/6 Reviews 3 and 4 by 7/27 Reviews 5 and 6 by 8/4 Reviews 7 and 8 by 8/11 Review 9 by 8/18
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