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Syllabus for Introduction to Political Science External Learning Course offered at Detroit College of Business, Warren Campus for the Fall term of 1998 Go Here Final Exam for Introduction to Political Science Fall 1998, DCB Warren Go here
ON LINE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES California Pacific University Go Here Colorado State University Go Here National University Go Here Thomas Edison State College Go Here UCLA Go Here University of California -- Irvine Go Here University of Phoenix Go Here University of San Francisco Go Here University of Texas/World Lecture Hall Go here University of Wisconsin Go Here Walden University Go Here West Carolina University Go Here
Courses to be offered: Political Parties and Elections Early Political Philosophy Political Theory to the Twentieth Century Twentieth Century Political Thought American Political Culture The American Presidency Congress and the Legislative Process American Constitutional Law and History


Early American History Twentieth Century America African American History Native American History History of the Cold War Comparative World Religious History


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