Playing Clinton's dangerous game ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1999 David M. Bresnahan The Chinese have greater power and control in Washington than the Republicans with their majority in Congress. President Bill Clinton, with the help of the Chinese, has built his power base to a point where he has nearly taken complete control. The reality is that Clinton controls virtually everything and everyone. Every federal agency, every bureaucracy, and the military are under the total control of Clinton. The country is run by bureaucrats, not by Congress, and the bureaucrats are controlled by Clinton. The Republicans may feel some satisfaction that they have a majority in Congress, but in reality that does not make a single bit of difference in relation to how the country is actually run. Clinton now has almost total control of the government based on his word alone. There are those who call me a right-wing wacko, a conspiracy theorist, and point fingers of ridicule while they laugh, but let's take a look at a few of the many facts involved. The details which follow are well-published facts, but because they are published individually it is difficult to see their impact on the big picture. Let's take a look at an illustrative portion of the big picture When Clinton arrived in Washington in 1993 he quickly went to work establishing his power base. He very cleverly and methodically replaced every agency head who would not bow down to his every wish. Replacements were selected based on loyalty, not skills and experience. If he could not have complete and total loyalty he would remove anyone who got in his way, including every federal prosecutor. They were the first to go. Are there such people? People with no conscience who will do as they are told to protect their own position? Too many. As long as they can rule over some little corner of the world, they will do anything to maintain and keep their power. What is right and wrong doesn't even enter their mind. All that matters is being in a position of power and keeping that power. Clinton is the source of their power. They are loyal to him, not because they believe in a particular cause or ideology, not because he's their buddy, but because without him they will be on the street looking for a real job -- or worse. The next step for Clinton was to make sure that each agency set in stone that he would have control. He would have the final word on everything. Executive Orders and Presidential Directives would also be enacted to subtly and without fanfare change the federal pecking order. Every agency was carefully examined by Clinton's henchmen and weaknesses were found -- weaknesses that would disturb the Clinton dynasty. It was quickly determined where modifications and changes to mission statements would be needed to place Clinton in complete control. The Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency have mission statements which give total control of those critical agencies specifically to Clinton, but other important agencies and departments of federal government needed change in order to come under his thumb. Janet Reno was appointed as Attorney General. Her unquestioning loyalty would bring complete control of the Department of Justice, a most critical requirement for complete success in the Clinton plan. Reno alone was not enough. Internal changes were quickly and quietly made to ensure that Reno's control was also complete, starting with the Director of the FBI and working down the chain of command from there. Get in the way and get brutally stepped on. Play the game and protect your job and your own power base. The FBI reports directly to the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Oversight Board, which in turn reports to the Department of Justice and the President. Executive Order 12863 was issued on September 17, 1993. It went virtually unnoticed, particularly by a Congress too caught up in political battles to pay attention to such things. EO 12863 revoked EO 12537 which established the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and also revoked EO 12334 which formed the Intelligence Oversight Board. Clinton did not have sufficient control and needed to juggle things around. The new executive order reorganized the Intelligence Oversight Board as a committee of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. The Intelligence Oversight Board is no longer a threat to the President, or anyone else unless they are a threat to Clinton. If the Intelligence Oversight Board discovers activities which may be against the law, or which violate an executive order or presidential directive, it can report the violation to Attorney General Reno, or not report anything at all based on their own agenda. They have total discretion to do as they wish. By controlling the Chairman of the Intelligence Oversight Board, along with the National Security Council Advisor, Clinton has total discretionary control over what issues come before the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Who are some of these people now in charge of these critical intelligence organizations? National Security Advisor, Samuel R. Berger, was a paid lobbyist for the Chinese while he was a partner in the international law firm of Hogan and Hartson. He headed the firm's international trade group, and because he has not left his partnership in the firm, Berger is still receiving benefits, directly or indirectly, from dealings with China and Russia. Intelligence Oversight Board Chairman is Anthony S. Harrington. He's also a senior partner in the same law firm with Berger. He too is directly compensated from dealings with China and Russia. Chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Warren B. Rudman, is a partner in a different international law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison. They not only represent Communist China, they maintain an office there. Rudman continues to receive financial benefit from dealings with China. Michael R. Bromwich was a partner with Mayer, Brown, and Platt before he was appointed as Inspector General of the Department of Justice. That law firm has offices in both Communist China and Russia. Even though he is listed as being on leave of absence from the firm, as a partner he still receives financial reward based on dealings with those countries. Another example is the appointment of William J. Perry, first as Deputy Secretary of Defense and then as Secretary of Defense. It was the presence of Perry which helped transfer control of high technology exports from the Pentagon to the Department of Commerce. Previous to his political appointment, Perry was a computer industry executive in Silicon Valley. He was a vocal supporter of the removal of export controls. John M. Deutch was known to have voiced similar views, and was soon appointed as Director of the CIA. The change in policy and regulation was accomplished by executive order and bureaucratic regulation. Congress had no say in the matter, and paid little attention at the time. The change began what has resulted in billions of dollars of trade with Communist China. Companies and executives who have financially supported Clinton were and are the beneficiaries of this cash cow, and Communist China has been the recipient of technology which has put U.S. national security at risk. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson is not concerned. He stated to broadcaster Chris Mathews that China is not a communist country. He said China is a friend to the U.S. and should be trusted. Other federal departments and agencies have had similar transitions of power. First with the right people in place and then restructured to give Clinton total control through his puppets. The executive orders and presidential directives used to restructure the executive branch and control power have also given Clinton total dictatorial power to create laws at will. He is rarely challenged, and Congress has not established a means to monitor and evaluate the mountain of executive orders, which continue to be issued. Some of those documents are classified and unavailable for public view. Reports from sources who have seen them indicate that Clinton has the ability to declare a national emergency, suspend Congress, declare martial law, and take total control of the country. These are just a few examples to illustrate the level of control that is maintained by Clinton using key appointments. Each of these appointments brings others of similar background into the chain of command below them. Career bureaucrats quietly sit back and keep their mouth shut in order to keep their jobs and benefits. Play the game and keep the power you've been given. The Department of Commerce is a good example of what Clinton can do without Congress, and indeed in spite of Congress. That department has been regarded as the dumping ground of political appointees since the start of the Clinton reign. Not only did he pack that department with his own key supporters, he transferred to Commerce the ability to control sensitive high technology sales to China and other countries. Something that was considered a vital national security interest was taken away from the Pentagon where it belongs and placed in the hands of political hacks. Former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, who began as a Clinton do-bee, conducted trade missions to China and elsewhere, which led to an FBI investigation. He and 53 others were about to be indicted. Sources in a position to know revealed that Brown had complained bitterly to Clinton that he would not be a sacrifice to the cause. He wanted Clinton to use his powers to get the indictments stopped. He firmly stated that if he was indicted he would no longer "play the game" and would tell all. His intent was to have Clinton use his power to call off the FBI investigation, but suddenly his plane crashed and the entire FBI investigation was canceled within a few hours of the crash. Despite the fact that Brown's body had what appeared to be a bullet hole in the top of his head, and even with the appearance of what could be a bullet in his hip area seen in a full-body x-ray, there was no investigation by the government into a possible assassination. Why? Someone else was playing the game. Barbara Wise worked for Brown, well down the chain of command. She was a secretary and worked in an area of Commerce in which she was well aware of the dealings of Brown, Juang, and others. She had complied files of her own in a vain attempt to secure greater position for herself. She knew all the details of how Clinton's Commerce buddies shut down the U.S. timber industry to open the way for Communist Chinese timber products to penetrate the market. She also knew all about Clinton's efforts to stop U.S. high compliance coal production in Utah to clear the way for Indonesian coal, controlled by the Communist Chinese. Barbara Wise was found dead in her office. She was partially clad and blood was evident when she was found on the floor the day after Thanksgiving. An effort was made by Commerce officials and others to portray her as a drunk and abusive to herself. Police investigated it as a homicide until the sudden claim that her death was by natural causes. Don't forget Webster Hubbell was once Assistant Attorney General before he was indicted by Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr. Hubbell is well-know for his ties to the Communist Chinese, and particularly to John Huang. Huang was once in the Commerce Department under Ron Brown and has been accused of being a Chinese spy. Hubbell suddenly became a risk, so the ring of protection was withdrawn and he was thrown to the wolves. He has already spent time behind bars and is still under investigation on other criminal charges. At every level, the example was set, and the message was sent. Play the game or pay the consequences. Play the game properly and receive protection. William S. Daley, Secretary of Commerce, apparently knows how that works. Based on press reports, it appears that Daley, Clinton's 1992 Illinois Campaign Manager, was involved in questionable activities in the Chicago area involving fraud, the IRS and the FBI. The legal action against Daley and his firm Daley and George, which dragged on from 1992 to 1997 was suddenly dropped just one month after he was sworn in as Secretary of Commerce on January 30, 1997. Nice deal. Not surprisingly, Daley was a partner in Mayer, Brown, and Platt with offices in Moscow and Beijing. Daley continues to benefit financially from those dealings. Not all Clinton appointees get such favorable treatment. Break the rules and the penalty is swift and harsh. When you don't properly play the game you will find yourself set adrift with no protection from Clinton. In fact, the very forces which could protect you will instead come and get you. If you become a big enough threat you may find yourself on board an ill-fated flight, or you may just decide to commit suicide. There are now over 50 suspicious deaths of past Clinton associates. These are documented in my book, "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception," along with the names of over 40 people previously tied to Clinton who have been convicted of various crimes. The big picture is too big to cover in this limited format, but hopefully I have sufficiently illustrated the type of corruption which has now become a part of the accepted norm in Washington. Will it ever change? Only if enough grass roots Americans put their foot down and demand change and carry it through. If America wants to continue to be run by greedy, power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats with only their own best interests and desires to motivate them, nothing need be done. That's just what we have with no hope of reform because there are too many vested interests. If America wants to send a message to those who are in reality a form of organized criminals within our government, the time is now. Silence is a form of acceptance. The silence has gone on for too long. It is time to speak up -- in fact a bit of shouting would be in order. It is time to recruit good quality, men and women with a conscience who will not only run for office but win. It is time to throw the bums out, but that won't happen unless America wakes up. This is the time to recruit candidates who will run, not in third parties, but in our two major parties where chances are far greater that they can actually be elected. Now is the time to volunteer and help these good men raise the vast sums needed to win. Now is the time to prepare campaigns that will succeed. America needs a white knight to come charging in ready to take on the forces that will destroy our great nation. A white knight who can run for president, win, and reform the entrenched system of evil which is now destroying that which so many gave their lives to form. Is it too late? No. Can such a person be found? Certainly. The only way it will happen is for grass roots Americans to work hard, and in large numbers to first find and then support the white knight candidate who can drive out the evil which has taken control of our government. Don't wait for someone else to do the work. Get to work and be a part of the change which only the people can bring about. This commentary comes with an assignment. Homework if you will. You are now officially assigned to go find a white knight. Time is short, and there is much to do so don't delay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ David M. Bresnahan, a contributing editor for, is the author of "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception," and offers a monthly newsletter "Talk USA Investigative Reports." He may be reached through email and also maintains a website. Return to ejps table of contents