Tuesday, Jan 11 Intros, Grading Criterion, Syllabus, Mythology, etc.
(Hamilton, Franklin, Chapter 1 -- U S Economic History
Mozart) (Mid Term will be on line in ejps, Public School section)

Tuesday, Jan 18 Chapter 2 -- Resource Utilization
(Martin Luther King) Chapter 3 -- Supply and Demand
Sign the Guest Book in ejps
Send me an email so I have your email address

Tuesday, Jan 25 Chapter 4 -- Liberty and its Antithesis, Circular Flow
(Chinese New Year) Chapter 5 -- Consumption Sector
Critical Review of Surplus, What Surplus is due this week

Tuesday, Feb 1 Chapter 6 -- The Private Sector
(Ground Hog Day) Chapter 7 -- The Public Sector Complex
Critical Review of Fallacy of Tax Incidence due this week

Tuesday, Feb 8 Chapter 8 -- GDP
(Ronald Reagan Chapter 9 -- Economic Fluctuations
Abraham Lincoln) Video: Boom and Bust
Critical Review of Central Importance of Normal Profit due

Tuesday, Feb 15 Chapter 10 -- Classical and Keynesian Economics
(Valentine's Day) Chapter 11 -- Fiscal Policy
Video: Keynesianism
Problem Set # 1 due

Tuesday, Feb 22 Mid Term over Chapter 1-11 is due
(Washington) Chapter 12 -- Money and Banking
Chapter 13 -- The Fed and Monetary Policy
Video: The Fed
Question Set # 1 due
(Final Exam will be on line in Public School section of ejps)

Tuesday, Feb 29 Chapters 14, 15 -- Macropolicy -- Economic Theory
(Leap Year) Chapter 16 -- Economic Growth and Development
Critical Review of It's Reagan's Economy, Stupid is due

Tuesday, March 7 Chapter 17 -- Distributive Justice
(Carnival) Video: Free to Choose, Part I
Final Critical Review of fifth article of your choice is due

Tuesday, March 14 Chapter 18 -- International Trade
(Ides of March) Chapter 19 -- International Finance
Video: Free to Choose, Part III
Question Set and Problem # 2 due

Tuesday, March 21 Final Exam on Chapters 12-19
(Spring!!!) Corrected Mid Term for Upgrade must be in

Grading Criterion

Students will be evaluated on the following grading instruments, the course grade being an average of the grades earned on each of them:

MidTerm Exam Question Set # 1
Final Exam Question Set # 2
Problem Set # 1 Articles Reviews
Problem Set # 2 Attendance/Participation

The Mid Term and Final will be administered in class on the dates indicated above.
They will each consist primarily of matching terms and concepts from each set of chapters.

Students will have the option of correcting the mid term for a one letter upgrade on it.
It is very difficult to schedule make up exams for students. Only in the most dire
circumstances will missed exams be rescheduled for students, and generally only
when instructor has been informed in advance of the student's absence on the day of the exam.

Problems for the Problem Sets are found at the end of the chapters indicated in the text:

Problem Set # 1 (due at about time of Mid Term)
Ch 2, p 41 # 4 Ch 7, p 152 # 2,3,4
Ch 2 App, p 47 # 1 Ch 8, p 181-2 # 7,8,11
Ch 5, p 102 # 4,5,6,7 Ch 9, p 212 # 5, 7,11,12
Ch 6, p 123-4 # 6,8,9

Problem Set # 2 (due at time of Final Exam)
Ch 11, p 271-2 # 4,6,7,10,11 Ch 13, p 333 # 8,9,11
Ch 11 App, p 278 # 3,4,7 Ch 16, p 400 # 3
Ch 12, p 308 # 5 Ch 17, p 431-2 # 1-7

Article Reviews

Students will be locating five economics articles from the e Journal of Political Science found on the internet at:
Students must select the articles entitled The Fallacy of Tax Incidence,
The Central Importance of Normal Profit in Policy Analysis, Surplus! What Surplus?,
It's Reagan's Economy, Stupid!, and one other found on the web page of the
student's own choosing. The student will read each article and prepare a 200 word critical review of each of the articles. These reviews should be emailed to the instructor, one each week or so according to schedule on course calendar.
E mail them to
If a student does not have access to e mail, an account can be set up for them
through the college at no charge. Only in the most extreme circumstances will
students be permitted to turn these in any other manner. Consult with instructor.

Attendance and Participation

A grade will be entered based on the student's preparation and contribution to the class. Normally, this will follow the standard:
0, 1 absence A
2, 3 absences B
4, 5 absences C
6, 7 absences D
with an 'adjustment' in some situations dependent on the student's roll in the class.

Contacting Instructor

You may leave a voice mail message for the instructor at the college voice
mail box # 495 or by calling 810.775.3364 to leave a message. The email address ( may also be used to contact the instructor. If I can be of help, I will contact the student as soon as is possible.

Other Notes

Plagurism and cheating are unacceptable behavior and any grading instrument on which they have been found to have occured will be marked with a failing grade.

That does not mean that students may not work together on many of the course materials. Indeed, it is suggested that students consider forming study groups to work on the Problem Sets and Question Sets in particular. This can be a very constructive approach to learning, provided that each student involved pulls their own weight in the endeavor.