Global Economics/Summer/R.Ziegler
6pm - 10:15pm

Global Economics/ECO 600		Schedule of Work

For Class on:			Read for Class Consideration:

Wednesday, July 6		Chapter 1, 2	The Evolving Globalization

           	       July 13		Chapter 3, 4	Limits to  Growth? Population, Food and  Resources
				ejps Reviews
				The Global Warming Ruse*
				Stopping Global Warming in Africa*
				Ending the 55 MPH Speed Limit*
				The Central Importance of Normal Profit in Policy Analysis*

       	        July 20		Chapter 5, 6	The Price Mechanism and Other Structures 
							of  Global Systems
				ejps Reviews
				The Third World War*
				Sadaam Scam*
				The China Question*
				It's Reagan's Economy, Stupid

	        July 27		Chapter 7, 8	The Geometry of  Industrialization
				ejps Reviews	
				African Spring*
				Consequences of Sustainable Development*
				The Benefits of  Immigration
				Stopping Global Warming in Africa*

	        August 3		Chapter 9, 10	Technology Transfer
				ejps  Reviews
				Sorting Out  IMF Funding
				Abolish the  IMF
				Arms Prob  the IMF?
				Climate Care
	        August 10	Chapter 11, 12 Trade Regimes, Development
				ejps  Reviews
				Sudan and the  IMF
				IMF Needs Reform
				Agr Export and the IMF
				The Fallacy of Heat Death*
				Lincoln's Progress*

	        August 17 	Final Exam over terms at end of each chapter and class notes

*indicates article written by instructor

***Among your first tasks should be to go to the website of ejps at
and locate the Guestbook area. Then enter your email address 
as an entry on the Guestbook.

Instructor's Bio

Ron  Ziegler has taught Economics at Detroit College of Business since 1987.
He is also  adjunct professor of Political Science at  Wayne State University
where he is currently writing his dissertation to secure a PhD, has both
Bachelor and Master degrees in Political Science from Wayne
and has taught with Detroit Board of Education since 1967.

Contacting Instructor

Due to the brevity of the term, it may  become essential for the  student
to contact the instructor at times other  than the few scheduled  Saturday
sessions. Those who have access to the internet through AOL can reach
me anytime I am on line by instant messaging me at RGZiegler@aol.com.
If you do not have AOL connection, email to that address is perhaps the
next fastest way to  contact me. I can also be reached by phone by calling
my home office number 1.810.775.3364 and leaving a message. If there is
anything I can do about your message, I will call you back as soon as it
is possible to do so. The student may also leave a  voice mail message
in my campus phone mailbox which I will checking twice a week during
the term. Since I am only on campus for most  of the term on Friday
evenings and Saturdays, please take advantage of these ways to
contact me for  assistance as  needed.

Grading Instruments

There  will be four grading instruments employed in this course, with each one
making up 1/4 or 25% of the final course grade. That grade will be an average
of those five grades, with 

A  representing outstanding work
B  representing acceptable performance
C  not representative of graduate level performance

Final Exam  25  %

Book Review:	25 %

Read and  critically review any of the following books (500 words)-- to be submitted by email by day of final:

1)Earth in the Balance  	by Al Gore

2)Heated Debate		by Robert Bolling

3)Environmental Gore      ed by John Baden

4)Hot Talk, Cold Science   by S. Fred Singer

5)Theory of Population	by Thomas Malthus

6)Population Matters	by Julius Simon

7)Limits to Growth	by Meadows, et al (Report for the Club of  Rome)

8)The Ultimate Resource     by Julius Simon

9) How the West Grew Rich   by Rosenberg and Birdzell

10)The Myth of the Robber Barons  by Burton Folsom

11)The Industrial Revolution and Free Trade   ed by Burton Folsom

12)Africa In Chaos, or
Africa Betrayed                     by George Ayittey

13)Money and the Nation State  ed by Dowd and Timberlake

14)Less Than Zero                       by George Selgin

15)Centuries of Economic Endeavor    by John Powelson
(Parallel Paths in Japan and Europe and Their Contrast with the Third World)

16)The Noblest Triumph          by Tom Bethell
(Property and Prosperity Through the Ages)

17)The Roosevelt Myth       by John Flynn

18)Science and the  Founding Fathers   by J. Bernard Cohen

19) The Road to Serfdom, or
The Constitution of Liberty, or
The Fatal Conceit        by Frederich Hayek

20) Planning for Freedom  by Ludwig von Mises

Article Reviews 25 %  

		Five writtenWeekly Reviews of ejps articles/200 word critical reviews
		(Select one  from each set)
		To be e mailed to instructor by Thursday before each scheduled class
Oral  Reviews/Class Involvement 25 %
		One oral examinations by each student 
		Either from list of articles located in DCB/Warren Library
		or from list of articles not found in DCB  Library
		Students sign up for these at 2nd and 3rd class sessions
		Each will select their articles and the week they will offer them to class

DCB Library Articles

Bhagwati, Hasass, et al
Can Asia Recover?
For Aff
May/June 98

Why Kyoto Won't Work
For Aff 
Mr/Apr 98

Asia Fallout/IMF Errors
For Aff
Mar/Apr 98

Funabashi, Kristof, Carpenter
Asia on the Edge
For Aff
Nov/Dec 98

The Longevity of  Expansions
Economic Review
Fourth Qtr 98:83-4

Asian Financial Crisis
Economic Review
Fourth Qtr 98: 83-2

Introduction of  Euro Needs More Hard Work
Business Economist
1998: 29-3

Inventory Investment and the Business Cycle
Economic Quarterly
Spg 98:84-2

Huntington, Samuel (1993)
The Clash of  Civilizations
For Aff 72:78-88

Krugman, Paul
Depression  Economics Returns
For Aff 
Jan/Feb  99

Krugman,  Paul
Does Third World Growth Hurt First World Prosperity?
Harvard Business Review
July/Aug 94

Krugman, Paul and  Weber
The End of the Business Cycle?
For Aff
Ju/Au 97

Krugman, Paul
Myths and  Realities of US  Competitiveness
(Nov) 811-815

Mahler, Halfdan (1980)
Scientific American

Ohmae, Kenichi (1993)
The Rise of the Region State
For Aff

Russia's Phony Capitalism
For Aff
May/June 98

or any article in March 1999 FINANCE & DEVELOPMENT

Articles in Journals not found in DCB Library

Balassa, Bela (1979)
The Changing Pattern of Comparative Advantage 
in Manufactured Goods
Review of Economics and Statistics (May)259-266

Baldwin, Robert (1979)
Determinants of Trade and Foreign Investments
Review of Economics and Statistics (Feb)  40-48

Bauer, P.T. and B.S. Yamey (1951)
Economic Progress and Occupational Distribution
Economic Journal  61:741-755

Cable, V.(1995)
The Diminished Nation-State
Daedalus  124:23-54

Chameidas,  W. L. et al (1994)
Growth of Continental-Scale Metro-Agri-Plexes,
Regional Ozone Production, and World Food Production
Science   264:74-77

Dunning, John (1995)
What's Wrong -- and  Right --  with Trade Policy?
The International Trade Journal (Summer) 163-202

Evans, Lloyd T. (1980)
The Natural History of Crop Yield
American Scientist   68:388-397

Foote, Nelson and Paul Hatt (1953)
Social Mobility and  Economic Advancement
American Economic Review  63:364-7

Kontratiev, N.D. (1935)
The Long  Wave in Economic Life
The Review of  Economic Statistics 17:105-15

Leontief, Wassily (1953)
Domestic Production and Free  Trade:
The American Capital Position Re-examined
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society (Sept)

Lucas,  Robert (1988)
On the Mechanics of Economic Development
Journal of Monetary Economics 22:3-42

Macdougall, G.D. (1951)
British and American Exports:
A Study Suggested by the Theory of Comparative Costs Pt 1
Economic Journal (June19) 697-724

Romar, Paul W. (1986)
Increasing Returns and Long Term Growth
Journal of Political Economy  94:1002-1037

Samuelson, Paul (1948)
International Trade and the Equalization of Factor Prices
Economic Journal (June) 163-184

Smil, Vaclav (1994)
How Many People Can the Earth Feed?
Population and Development Review 20:255-292

Vernon, R. (1966)
International Investmentand International Trade in the Product Cycle
Quarterly Journal of Economics 80:190-207

Young, Allyn  (1928)
Increasing Returns and  Economic Progress
Economic Journal 38:527-542

Young, Steve et al (1994)
Multinational Enterprise and Regional  Economic Development
Regional Studies 28:657-678

Foreign Policy
Any article in Winter 98-99 issue on Global Economy

Additional articles may be selected from text.