the e Journal of Political Science

The Quarterly Letter, Review, and Journal

Summer 2001 Volume I Number 1 Redistricting for Michigan Looms On Horizon Go Here If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It Proportional Selection of Electors Would Not Have Changed the Vote At All Go Here The Constitution's Invisible Hand? Overhauling the Political System Within Constitutional Constraints Go Here e Forum Republican Advantage in Reapportionment? Go Here Rising Threat from the East: Reports on China Go Here Annual Report by the Pentagon on China 2000 Go Here Why Greens are Responsible for the Rolling Black-outs in California Go Here Panopticism and Shame: Reading Foucault through Beauvoir Sonia Kruks in Labyrinth Go Here Why Clinton Bombed Kosovo Go Here Great Myths of the Great Depresssion by Lawrence Reed Go Here FEATURED WORKS Anthem by Ayn Rand Go Here The Essence of Christianity by Ludwig Feuerbach Go Here
Fall 2001 Volume V Number 2 September 11, 2001 A Photographic Record Go Here Reviews Review of Schloegl's Wisdom of the Zen Masters Review of Lippmann's Understanding Islam Comments on the Gospel according to Luke Commentary of the Bhagavad Gita Featured Works The Writings of Plato Go Here e Forum Netanyahu on Terrorism: Brit Hume Interview Go Here Netanyahu on Dismantling Terrrorist Networks Go Here Rational Ignorance Walter Williams Go Here Useable Black History Walter Williams Go Here Stocks and History Jason Zweig Go Here How Clinton let Bin Laden Get Away Go Here JFK Ordered Troops Segregated Go Here Bush Proposes World Bank Grants to Replace Loans Go Here
Winter 2002 Volume V Number 3 Letter, Review, and Journal Enron and the Democrats Go Here e forum Secret Wars of the CIA by John Stockwell Go Here
Spring 2002 Volume V Number 4 The Progressives and Jim Crow by Ronald Gordon Ziegler Go Here e forum Is Europe Lost? Anti-Semitism at the Council of Europe by Yosef Lapid Go Here The Troubled Economics of Ayn Rand by Mark Skousen from Jan 2001 Liberty Magazine Go Here Senate Democrat Judicial Obstructionism Go Here Campaign Reform Undermining the Parties by David Broder Go Here Tired of Race by Thomas Sowell Go Here
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