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Volume II Number 3 Winter 1999
*Spinning Out of Control: Media Coverage of the 1998 Elections The Fundamental Things Apply As Time Goes By

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*Is It Back?: The Depression That Caused The Civil War (And the American Revolution)

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*The Global Warming Ruse: The Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide by Seitz and Robinson, Baliunas, Soon, and Robinson Go Here *The Life and Death of the Forbes Campaign by Chester Alan Arthur Go Here *Microsoft and Antitrust Go Here *Is Microsoft A Menace? Go Here *Conversion Experience: Assimilation, American Style by Peter D. Salins Go Here *The Benefits of Immigration by Donald J. Boudreaux Go Here *An Economy Without Immigration: No Fruits, No Shirts, No Service -- The Real World Consequences of Closed Borders by Glenn Garvin Go Here *The Law by Frederich Bastiat Go Here *The End of Representation: How Congress Stifles Electoral Competition by Eric O'Keefe and Aaron Steelman Go Here *Scrapping the Tax Code by Nicholson, Armey, Tauzin Go Here *Rewriting the Code: The Flat Tax vs. the Sales Tax by Crane, Pilla, Bartlett, and Norquist Go Here *The Hidden Burden of Taxation by Dean Stansel Go Here *Why America Needs A Tax Cut Forward by Steve Forbes Antonelli and Shortridge, ed. Go Here *It's Reagan's Economy, Stupid by James K. Glassman Go Here *Why American Still Needs Ballistic Missile Defense by Honorable Don Nickles Go Here *Guardian At the Gates: NATO After the Cold War by Karen V. Lawrence Go Here *The IMF Needs Real Reform, Not More Money by Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., Ph.D. Go Here *Agricultural Export and the IMF by Bryan T. Johnson and Brett D. Schaefer Go Here *How to Improve the Consumer Price Index by Mark Wilson Go Here *Priced to Move: The CPI Can't Keep Up With A Dynamic Economy by Virginia I. Postrel Go Here *Market Based Environmentalism and the Free Market: They're Not the Same by Peter E. Cordato Go Here *Autonomy and Automobility by Loren E. Lomasky Go Here *The Use of Knowledge in Society by Frederich Hayek Go Here (Once you have reached this site, scroll down the page until you come to the indicated articles, and then click on them to read them.) *Economics and Knowledge by Frederich Hayek Go Here

Volume II Number 4 Spring 1999
*The Second Deficit Wave on the Horizon Go Here *The Gospel of Wealth Creation An Electronic Conference Dialogue Go Here eForum

*The Perplexing Loss of GOP Confidence by Everett Carll Ladd Go Here *Playing Clinton's Dangerous Game Go Here Go Here *On Freud's The Future of An Illusion Go Here *The Social Compact, or Principles of Political Right by Jean Jacques Rousseau Go Here *The National System of Political Economy by Frederich List Go Here *On the Origins of Money by Carl Menger Go Here *Six Articles by Eugen Bohn-Bawerk Go Here *Man Vs the State by Herbert Spencer Go Here Go Here *The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith Go Here *The History of Economic Thought by Fonseca Go Here