Part II Matching A. Gerald Ford, the Soviet Union, and the UN undertook a program of worldwide vaccination which has eliminated the threat of this disease which has been the number one killer of people throughout the ages. B. collapse of communist regimes in east and central Europe C. barrier built by Soviets to keep East Germans from fleeing to West Germany D. system of fixed exchange rates set up after WWII which lasted until the middle 1970's E. Nazi genocide against the Jews. F. 'free' labor union in Poland that was key in bringing about the fall of the communist regime. G. strict legal system of segregation in South Africa H. Japanese city on which US dropped an atomic bomb in August 1945 in an effort to bring about the end of the Second World War. I. the underdeveloped countries of the world J. US program to invest heavily in the reconstruction of Europe after WWII K. radical anti-technology effort in China in 1966 to try to purge the communist state of 'unhealthy' western capitalist tendencies. L. a system of trading agreeements among nations to reduce barriers to trade among them. M. Nazis captured after the war were put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity N. set up after WWII, it was supposed to function as a sort of 'overdraft' protection for nations involved in world trade, but it has required austerity conditions for its loans which have driven many nations deeper into poverty. O. alliance formed after WWII of countries of western Europe and the US against the Soviets P. movement of Jews intent on establishing and maintaining a Jewish state in what is now Israel Q. the long struggle between communism and capitalism R. the dividing line between North and South Korea before and after the Korean conflict. S. the effort to unify the economies of the countries of western Europe. T. term for the policies and programs of the US and its allies to stop the spread of communism U. the tendency especially in the modern world of economies of the world to become more and more closely interlinked. V. when Russia closed off access to this former German capital city, the US and its allies began a massive effort to supply the city by aircraft. W. Soviet missiles being installed in this country led to a confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union until the missiles were removed that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. X. attacks on Israel by its Arab neighbors resulted in their being defeated and driven back dramatically; they attacked on a Jewish high holiday -- it also resulted in the Arab Oil Embargo which led to big increased in the price of oil. Y. during the Hungarian crisis in 1956, when Egypt took over the canal connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterrean and England and France threatened to attack Egypt, Russia said it would go to war to defend Egypt. Eisenhower brought and end of the crisis when he announced that the US would defend Egypt against England and France. Z. 1967 attacks on Israel by Arab nations resulted in Arab forces being driven largely out of the area of Israel. 48-52 A 42-47 B 37-41 C 32-36 D Return to start of Final