Answers to Matching Part I A. developed a vaccine for polio that has led to the elimination of the disease as a major threat B. Allied Commander in WWII who became President who initiated NASA, built interstate highway system, St Lawrence Seaway project, etc. C. convicted of selling nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. D. nationalist and communist leader of Viet Nam E. as President, he worked to curtail spending growth, reduce tax rates, especially on investable wealth, and built our military, contributing significantly to the collapse of the Soviet Union F. leader of the communist revolution that took over China in 1949 G. first prime minister of the new independent nation of India. H. led communist revolution that took over Cuba in 1959. I. leader of the Islamic Revolution that took over Iran in 1979. J. election as British Prime Minister marked a big move toward conservatism among western nations. K. Egyptian President who was assassinated by agents of Khadafi of Libya. L. Chancellor of West Germany M. installed as emperor of Iran by CIA and overthrown by muslim fundamentalists N. leader of the first African colony, Ghana, to become an independent country O. daughter of Nehru, who was Indian Prime Minister for most of the period from 1969 to 1984. P. terrorist who became leader of a coalition of Palestinian groups known as the PLO Q. one of America's leading generals, he served as commander of Pacific theatre in WWII, chief general in Korea, and after WWII was military governor of Japan who set that country on the road to a capitalist economy and democratic government R. leader of Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis, actually serving @ 1955-1964 S. Soviet leader from 1924 to 1954 T. Soviet leader who built up its military to par with that of US, but helped bankrupt the country doing it, and who had troops invade Czecholslovakia in 1968 to hold onto rule by communists U. first Polish Pope who played a major role in the collapse of European communism V. led Hungarian reform efforts crushed by Russian troops in 1956 W. CIA helped him come to power in control of the Congo in 1961, where he remained in control until 1997. X. French WWII general who became President of France and who helped start the European Common Market Y. installed as leader of Soviet Union by communist party in response to Reagan, he tried to loosen up Soviet society, but then the communist rule began to crumble. Z. former communist who was elected President of Russia after the collapse of communism Go Here for Answers to Part II Matching