The e Journal of Political Science

A Quarterly Letter Review and Journal

Tables of Contents
Volume 1 Number 1 Summer 1997 Go Here *Hayek and the Left, Right, Left *There You Go, Again *Lincoln's Progress *One Term Blunder *Making the Grade *Pollstergeist *Snow Job *Political Economics and Electronics *Revin' Up Motown *Preserving Our Investment *The Senate and Secession *Averting the Constitutional Crisis: The Compromise of 1877 *To Boldly Go eFORUM The Objectivist Ring Go Here
Volume 1 Number 2 Fall 1997 Go Here *The Fallacy of Heat Death *Comments on Nagel *Consequences of Sustainable Development *The Origins of the Structural Deficit *The New Jim Crow *A Reasonable Doubt *Factors in the Recent Economic Downturn *An Electoral Clock of Presidential Elections *Advancing Electronic Education eFORUM *The Readiness Trap: The US Military Is Failing to Prepare for the Next Big War by Cliff Sobel and Loren Thompson *The Moral Basis of a Free Society by Steve Forbes *The Imperial Judiciary . . . And What Congress Can Do About It by Edwin Meese and Rhett DeHart *The Liberal Rout: Why Conservatives Are Winning in the 1990's by John Engler *Out of Order: Clinton's Court and It's Assault on Justice by Steven G. Calabresi *Caveat Emptor: The Case Against the National Sales Tax by Dick Armey *Litigation Tariff: The Federal Case for National Tort Reform by Spencer Abraham
Volume 1 Number 3 Winter 1998 Go Here *Procedural Reform in the 104th Congress *Sadaam Scam *The China Question: Capitalism and the Peoples' Liberation Army *The Premature Burial: America's Seventh Party System *The Impact of the Republican Victories in the 1997 Off-Year Elections *Ending the 55 Mile per Hour Speed Limit: Krugman and Limits to Growth eFORUM *Mystic Mechanics: An Anatomy of American Civil Religion
Volume 1 Number 4 Spring 1998 Go Here *The Fate of the Union -- January 27, 1998 *1997 *1999 *The Third World War *In the Year 2046 *A Caveat on Desert Storm *Ronald Reagan, the End of the Cold War, and the Revision of History: Exorcising the Vietnam Demon *The Fallacy of Tax Incidence *The Central Importance of Normal Profit in Policy Analysis *Changing Population Demographics in New Hampshire And Their Impact on the State's Presidential Primary *The Impact of Redistricting on State Aggregate Partisan Vote Totals in Michigan Elections to the US House of Representatives 1944-1994 *African Spring *Stopping Global Warming in Africa: Clinton Targets Industrialization in Africa *Digression: The Wonder Bowl -- Michigan 27 Nebraska 23 eFORUM Cyber-Economics A Semi-Interactive Almost Multi-Media Way to Learn Economics by Robert Schenk Go Here
Volume II Number 1 Summer 1998 *Observor's Log: 1996 Journal of An Election Year: The Primary Focus Incidental Reflections and Observations (still under construction) Go Here eFORUM The Continuing Decline of Southern White Democrats in the House -- 1992-1996 by Kevin Hill Go Here The Cosmology of Edgar Allan Poe by A. Cappi Go Here Climate Care by Fred J. Smith, Jr. Go Here School Choice by Gerald Reynolds Go Here The Moral Case for Tax Relief by Michael Novak Go Here Grassroots by Virginia Hume Go Here Majority Rules by Virginia Hume Go Here
Volume II Number 2 Fall 1998 Go Here *From G to Rising G *Surplus! What Surplus? *Up From Liberalism *Raising the Bar *The Betrayal of Zion *Wholly Holely Holies: The Mythology of Liberalism *Taxing the Poor eFORUM Does the Creation of Majority Black Districts Aid Republicans? An Analysis of the 1992 Congressional Elections in Eight Southern States by Kevin Hill Go Here Don't Ban the Bomb from the Economist 1/4/97 Go Here Sorting Out IMF Funding by Joseph Plocek Go Here Sudanese Membership in IMF Threatened by Arabic News Service Go Here Abolish the IMF by William Simon Go Here Clinton's War on Russia Go Here Asian Problems and the IMF by Alan Meltzer Go Here The Starr Report Report of the Office of Independent Council to the US House of Representatitives -- September 1998 Go Here Lessons of the Great Depression from the Reagan Information Interchange Go Here Continue