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Syllabus and Course Outline

Course Title: 20th Century American History Course Number: AMH 2020
Credit Hours: 3.0 Quarter Credit Hours
Prerequisite: None Term: Fall 2018
Instructor: Ron Ziegler Time: MW 10 - 11:15 AM
CRN 17686
Classroom 1-202
Instructor Email: Instructor Phone: 321-805-2507

Course Description: A survey of the events of the modern era of American history. This course begins with the Spanish American War, the watershed of the 20th Century, and covers the political, social, and diplomatic developments including the populist movement, World War I, The Treaty of Versailles, the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, the New Deal, World War II, the Atomic Age, the Cold War, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, the information age, civil rights and feminism.

Prerequisite: None.

Major Course Outcomes for AMH 2020:
1. Students will be able to recall the principal persons, places, and events from the chronological framework of this course.
2. Students will be able to synthesize the thematic historical influences that shaped the modern history of the United States.
3. Students will be able to explain the impact of the individual, regardless of societal rank, as participants in the making of history.
4. Students will be able to assess the role that diversity plays in the shaping of the modern history of the United States.
5. Students will be able to detect the lessons, patterns or characteristics from historical events to better understand present day happenings.
6. Students will be able to interpret historical events by using appropriate historical methods.
7. Students will be able to demonstrate competency in civics literacy.

Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

Discuss and explain the Progressive Era within American society.
Understand and describe the different cycles of the economy and its effect on our politics.
Discuss the rapid rise of science and technology.
Explain the advancing concepts of war from the Spanish American to the current conflict.
Compare and contrast the philosophies of different types of government, from dictatorship to Oligarchy, to democracy in relation to the Cold War.
Explain the concepts of diversity as it relates to our society.

Text: American History text

Instructional Methods: The course will be taught through a series of lectures, group discussions, in class exercises, library research. Guest speakers, when available, will be invited to share knowledge and experience.

Resources: Additional resources including magazines, newspapers, journals, and periodicals may be used by the instructor and the student. Students are strongly encouraged to use the resources of the college library to enhance their overall learning experience.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend every class meeting and will not be allowed to do makeup work unless approved by the instructor.


20th Century American History

R. Ziegler/Fall 2018/Valencia College/Poinciana Campus

MW 10 - 11:15 AM AM

CRN 17686

Schedule of Work


mon 8/27 Syllabus Review, Course Requirements
wed 8/29 Framing and Saving the Republic
read Declaration of Independence
and Constitution and
What is an American by d'Crevceur
mon 9/3 Labor Day no school
Read and write 200 word review of these two articles from Independent Review to submit
with midterm
Neoliberalism Go Here
or Read Liberalism and Common Good
Go Here
wed 9/5 read Ch 34 and 35 Reconstruction
mon 9/10 read Ch 36 and 37 Gilded Age
wed 9/12 *FED
mon 9/17 read Ch 38 and 39 Urbanization
wed 9/19 *Boom and Bust
mon 9/24 read Ch 40 and 41 Frontier
wed 9/26 *Keynesianism
mon 10/1 read Ch 42 and 43 Progressivism
wed 10/3 *Revolutionary Holocaust
mon 10/8 read Ch 44 and 45 Empire?
wed 10/10 *Free to Choose 1
mon 10/15 read Ch 46 First World War
wed 10/17 Read Ch 47 A Return to Normalcy
mon 10/22 *Free to Choose 3
wed 10/24 Read Ch 47 Roaring 20's
mon 10/29 Mid Term Due with Hist of Rock 'n Roll and article reviews
read Ch 48 and 49 Depression and New Deal
wed 10/31 *CIA
mon 11/5 read Ch 50 and 51 World War II
wed 11/7 *CIA
mon 11/12 read Ch 52 and 53 Post War and 1950's
wed 11/14 *CIA
mon 11/19 read Ch 54 and 55 Civil Rights Movement
wed 11/21 *Fahrenhype 911
mon 11/26 read Ch 56, 57, and 58 'Great Society'
wed 11/28 Thanksgiving. no school

200 word commentaries on one article each you select at or one from

mon 12/3 read Ch 59 and 60 Reagan Revolution, It's Reagan's Economy, Stupid
wed 12/5 *Great Global Warming Swindle
mon 12/10 Final Exam due this week (with book review and Eyes on the Prize
wed 12/12

* denotes in class video

Grading Instruments
Your grade in class will be an average of the 7 grades you earn on each of these

1) Midterm
2) Final
3) Four Article Reviews (2 from Independent Review due with midterm and one each from Heritage and Cato due with final)
4) Eyes on the Prize (500 word comment on each due with final)
5) Book Review due with final
6) History of Rock n Roll 3 videos (200 word comment on each due with final)
7) Participation

BOOKS for Review

Select one of the following to read
Write a 100 to 200 commentary/review of each chapter to submit with Final
Death of a Nation by Dinesh D'Souza
America: Imagine a World Without Her by Dinesh D'Souza
Hillary's America by Dinesh D'Souza
Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin
The Russia Hoax by Gregg Jarrett
Liars by Glenn Beck
The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley
The Housing Boom and Bust by Thomas Sowell
Basic Economic by Thomas Sowell
Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand
New Deal or Raw Deal? by Burton Folsom
The Road to Serfdom by Frederich Hayek
Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
America’s Great Depression by Murray Rothbard
The Roosevelt Myth by John T. Flynn
Tempting of America by Robert Bork

Strange Career of Jim Crow/Woodward

The Visible Hand/Chandler

Men In Black/Levin

The Tempting of America/Bork

Planning for Freedom/Mises

Stride Toward Freedom/King

Links to Eyes on the Prize
View each episode and submit a 100 work summation/comment about each to turn in with midterm
Eyes on the Prize is a video history of the civil rights movement and is
available for viewing in the media center. Students will have
to arrange to view each of the first six segments of the series,
each of which is about one hour long,
(the assignment is due with the final).
The first six segments of the series for this assignment are:

1 – “Awakenings” (1954–1956)
Murder of Emmett Till
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Go Here

2 – “Fighting Back” (1957–1962)
Central High School and the Little Rock Nine
James Meredith and the University of Mississippi
Go Here

3 – “Ain’t Scared of Your Jails” (1960–1961)
Nashville sit-ins and boycotts
Freedom Riders
Go here

4 – “No Easy Walk” (1961–1963) Martin Luther King, Jr.
Albany, Georgia
Birmingham, Alabama
The March on Washington
Go Here

5 – “Mississippi: Is This America?” (1962–1964)
Medgar Evers
Murder of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
Go Here

6 – “Bridge to Freedom” (1965)
Go Here

Links to History of Rock n' Roll
View each of he episodes and write a 100-200 word review about each to submit with midterm

Part 1 Rock n' Roll ExplodesGo Here

Part 2 Good Ro kin' Tonight Go Here

Part 4 The Sounds of Soul Go Here

















Grading Instruments

each individual grading instrument will be worth 1/7 of your final course grade

1) Midterm

on line at


on line at


This is based on the student's overall participation in classroom and preparation activities.

Students are required to maintain proper classroom decorum and are expected to be in class on a regular basis. The grade her is based on the number of classes the student misses, with necessary and appropriate adjustment for participation. Unexcused absences can lower this grade one letter for each two unexcused absences.

4)Four Critical Article Reviews

Read and write 200 word review one of these articles from Independent Review to submit
with exam 1
Neoliberalism Go Here
or Read Liberalism and Common Good
Go Here

200 word commentary on one article found at or one from

5) Book Review

6) Eyes on the Prize

7)History of Rock n' Roll

You may contact instructor directly by phone (321-805-2507) or by email (

About Your Instructor

Ron Ziegler taught high school in Detroit, Michigan from 1967 until his retirement in 1999. During those years, he also taught adult education classes with the Cass Outreach program, and Kettering, Hazel Park, and Monroe/Bedford adult ed programs. Since 1982, he has taught political science, history, and economics at Detroit College of Business/Davenport College, Wayne State University, and Valencia College. He earned his Bachelors degree in education and political science from Wayne State University in Detroit in 1968, where he also was awarded a Masters degree in political science in 1980. He completed work on his PhD in political science and history there as well.

Academic Integrity:

Any form of deception in the completion of assigned work is considered a form of academic dishonesty. This includes, but is not limited to, copying another's work from any source and representing it as one's own (plagiarism), allowing another to copy from one's own work whether during a test or in the submittal of an assignment; any attempt to pass off work, data, ideas, or creative efforts of another as one's own. Attempting to give or obtain aid and/or information by illicit means whether successful or not (cheating) is considered a form of academic dishonesty. Violating the copyright laws on software or published material is considered a form of academic dishonesty.