Will Obama Carry Washington, DC?
The media and the left are determined to portray the electoral currents in mid 2008 as pointing toward not only a sweep for the Democrats and Obama, but as indicative of a larger realignment taking place in American politics putting the left in the driver's seat for a generation. Of course, these are the same pundits who are still waiting for the 'realignment' to replace the New Deal coalition, and who every election see the same thing happening. Remember how Mondale was ahead of Reagan by 14 points in June of 1984? It happens each cycle.
It is possible, I suppose that they are right, but methinks they doth protest too much.
Rather, what should be anticipated is their regular effort to program the electorate in the direction they wish to see it go. Many Democrats are running from connection to Obama and his typical left wing policy pronouncements which seem to permeate the new Democrats, now under the control of left wing fanatics.
Rather than the prospect of a massive sweep by them, building as some would have us believe on the rejection of all that is GOP and Bush in 2006 (an election which was fundamentally a normal off year contest), what is entirely plausible is a huge sweep led by John McCain. Indeed, the impending sweep may be so big as to mark a realignment in the other direction, with its coattails reaping dividends for Republicans in Congressional elections.
If that seems far fetched,  consider GOP fund-raising in May and June of 2008.
Yes, Obama, continues to roll in the doe, much coming from connection to narcoterrorists, drug dealers,
Chavistas, and their ilk through the internet, but Republicans have matched and surpassed the overall
Democrat fundraising in recent months.
Then, too, consider the results of elections around the world in recent times, from Germany to Italy to Ireland to Mexico and Sweden and more. The spectre haunting the world is not from the left. Many Democrat candidates seem obliged to run at a distance from Obama, fearing
a backlash against his radical roots and agenda. They know what they are hearing from the people. One would suspect that Obama would have to carry Illinois, his home state, and perhaps some of its neighbors
- Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa. He should have a commanding lead in California, New York, and Vermont and Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
One would imagine he would be guaranteed the 3 electoral votes in D.C. also. However, in spite of efforts to make it seem so, there are some indications that the base is not as solid as it should be. Some polls of related issues raise the question of the ability of Obama to even carry Washington, DC. We may in fact end up with the highly doubtful result that Obama wins no electoral votes whatsoever.
One wonders if as the summer and fall progress, and the party begins to see the huge loss it faces, that the radicalism of Obama and his proposals and his connections does not lead to a move in the party to replace him as their standard bearer. We may not have heard the last of Hillary yet. Doing that would wreck havoc among a major core of the party's base, black voters, but the alternative may be too bad to allow to play out.
The line in the old line media is about his massive fund-raising advantage. That is an over-blown estimation.
For instance, one of the most one sided electoral campaigns in history was the 1964 loss of Goldwater, who raised and spent much more than LBJ was able to do. In reality, that election was probably decided on November 22, 1963.
There may be no amount of money that Obama can raise or spend to overcome his radicalism. He is trying to turn to the center, at the risk of alienating the fringe base of his party, but if he continues to tell Americans that they must get over driving suv's, setting their thermostats at 72, and eating whatever they want, with the implication that government is going to do something about it if they don't, does not bode well for him electorally. It is the radical left wing lunacy that has lost a number of Democrats their races over the years. Mondale may have won the primaries asking where the beef was, but when the beef he had turned out to be tax increases, he was done. And Obama makes Mondale's tax dreams seem like those of a piker. He is also the most pro abortion candidate for President - ever.
No matter how many times the media marvels over Obama's eloquence, it fades quickly when he stutters over himself off the teleprompter. His ranting and shouting and condescension may work, but do not be startled if the returns in November are not what they are being forecast to be by the media in an orgasmic
frenzy over its would-be messiah. And if the Democrat bosses begin to awaken to a realization that the electoral college may vote 535 to 0, we may be in for a long, hot summer. At least Hillary will win somewhere, right?
Obama is busy trying to backpeddle from many of his extreme positions; more indication of his problems.
But as he does so, he stands to lose much support from his fringe base. He is scheduling his acceptance speech at a football stadium in Colorado. It will be reminescent of Der Fuhrer's Nuremberg rallies. It may be difficult to understand how the left can lie and redefine as they wish, in the spirit of Orwell. But, it worked for the Reich.
Still, can Americans be so readily fooled? If the American voter were truly being rational, the Democrats would not have a chance. Sure, they will get 1/3 of the vote, and cannot get 1/3 of it. The election is decided by the other third being swayed and building on the base, which of course assumes you turn out the base.
But don't sell the left short. They have gone from the unending campaign to the war room to waging war against not only what they perceive to be the great right wing conspiracy, but against
capitalism and democracy, as well. Keep your powder dry.
The left wing is not going to sit idly by and allow Republicans of any stripe to walk away with this. It will change. They have the money. Recently, a courier was arrested at the Miami airport bring $800000 into the U.S. He said he was taking it to Argentina for political campaigns. He must have been detoured. He came from Venezuela! NY Senator Chuck Schumer has helped precipitate a crisis that has led to a major bank failure. The liberals have structured a home mortgage crisis which has the prospect of causing major economic dislocation. But you will not find the Justice Dept going after him. That could well be their October Surprise. They also have in place the largest vote fraud machine in history which makes the Daley Chicago engineering of the election of Kennedy look like child's play. And if bin Laden were to appear at the UN and endorse Obama, you will not hear it in the partisan media. It is going to be a rocky ride.

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