Part V Answers

a. recording labels that broke the racial barrier
b. a neo-classical laissez faire economic perspective led by
      such economists as Mises and Hayek from the beginning of the 20th century
c. the courts have ruled that Congress cannot authorize the
      appropriation of money and then try to block the President from using it
      afterwards, which would make the War Powers Act technically unconstitutional
      if it were ever to be tested in the courts
d. one of the reasons that the US joined the United Nations
      when it had not joined the League of Nations, was that the five permament
      members of this, which includes the US, have veto power over anything
      the UN might want to do, therefore protecting out national sovereignty
e. disparaging term used by liberals to denigrate Reagan's   
      economic policies which have doubled wealth of the nation since cutting tax  
      rate at top levels from 79 % to 39 %, and the beginning of lower deficits by
      the time Reagan left office on the swelling revenue government collected
f. young minister chosen to lead the Montgomery bus boycott
g. 1950's urban street corner music
h. break in at the Democrat National Committee which was used as
      grounds by Congress to try to remove Nixon from office
i. Congress must be informed before any President can
      commit US troops anywhere that might find them in combat situations
j. Nazi extermination of 6 million Jews and 6 millon other people
k. his use of nonviolence won Indian independence from Britain
l. became the leader of Egypt in the early 1950's and led
      that country's effort to take over control of the Suez Canal
m. his mojo wasn't working right
n. the most ''efficient' of the Nazi slave labor death camps
o. shaddy land investment scheme of Hillary and Bill Clinton and
      their circle of friends in Arkansas which bilked millions from the Savings and
      Loan bail out
p. once India had won independence from Britain he became the Prime
      Minister of the new nation
q. Caldonia
r. this was the leader of the first African colonial nation to gain
      its independence in the late 1950's
s. became the Republican Speaker of the House after the 1994
      elections, which directly led to a more balanced federal budget
t. leading black opponent of affirmative action as racist and harmful to minorities
u. record producer's singing wife -- Be My Baby
v. juke box designation for black records in fifties
w. among the Clinton's administration's first acts was to
      get this enacted; it was the first time any such thing had been enacted which
      reached back to before Clinton was in office
x. when the communists initially invaded the south of Korea,
      they virtually drove US forced off of the peninsula until they were able to regroup
      and hold on to this little corner from which they began to fight back
y. Motown Records studio
z. made lots of money for Little Richard by stealing/performing his songs