Part IV Answers

a. the anti-communist forces in Nicaraqua which overthrew the Sandinistas
      even after Congressional Democrats blocked US aid to help them in their fight
      for freedom
b. Nixon held and refused to spend billions that the Democrat
      Congress had appropriated -- this resulted in a balanced budget in 1969,
      and led to Nixon's impeachment -- after Nixon resigned, Congress outlawed
      this practice which every other President since Washington had used
c. appointed to the Supreme Court by Nixon, Reagan made him Chief Justice
d. Ralph Nader book about the Chevrolet Corvair which argued cars were not built
      safely and has helped add thousands to the cost of new cars
e. his argument that the Constitution is an organic document
      which must change with the times reaches even to the point of contending
      that even things explicitly stated in the Constitution are not necessarily
      to be held to if the situation and evidence supports that they should be changed
f. appointed to head the Federal Reserve by Ronald Reagan,
       he has continued in that position ever since
g. the Bush administration used US military force to remove
      Saddam Hussein's Iraqi troops from Kuwait
h. Paul Erlich's book which argues that there are too many
      people in the world, much as Thomas Malthus mistakingly said a couple
      centuries ago
i. JFK program to cut taxes on businesses
      by allowing them to deduct the costs of their investment in plant and equipment
      over a shorter period of time
j. the Clinton administration's anti-trust actions against this high tech
      firm helped create a financial panic that contributed to the recession
k. the lower rates of economic inflation accompanied by
      prosperity that have marked the period since the middle 1980's
l. his forced deportation to Cuba by the Clinton Administration
      may have been the deciding factor in determining the outcome of the 2000
      presidential race
m. Rachel Carson's book which used bad science to argue to the
      banning of DDT, a move which has led to hundreds of thousands of human
      deaths in the developing countries
n. the difference between the value of a nation's imports and exports
o. a country in which other nations want to invest
p. leader of muslim fundamentalists who took over Iran in the 1970's
q. the high rate of inflation accompanied by a stagnant economy
      that prevailed during the 1970's
r. central California center of the microchip industry
s. Al Gore's book in which he says there is a global warming
      crisis caused by people in the advanced sector consuming too much and by
      too many people in the Third World
t. the all time homerun leader -- 755 life time homeruns
u. disparaging term applied to those such as Zuckerberg who lean left and who control and have become wealthy in social media
v. B-52 bombers became the basis for this first of the jet airliners which
      took to the skies in the late 1950's
w. his Playboy magazine begun in the early 1950's helped spark
      a sexual and speech revolution in the US
x. two of his books, the Autobiography of Malcolm X, and Roots, which
      was made into a tv mini-series had a tremendous impact on American attitudes
y. David Reisman's book about our supposedly other directed lives of our sterile   
z. Martin Luther King's statement of nonviolent but active resistance