Part III Answers

a. NASA's lunar landing program which put Neil Armstrong on the moon in 1969
b. 1950's report on American sexuality which shocked many people
c. this divides North and South Korea
d. Democrat Senators blocked the appointment of this conservative
      jurist to the Supreme Court because they disagreed with his political views
e. LBJ programs which reversed the decline in poverty in the US
      that had been going on since the end of WWII -- poverty has increased since
f. devastating French defeat by communist forces in northern Vietnam in 1954
g. invasion of Cuba by exiles planned by CIA and sabotaged by JFK in 1961
h. this 'investigation' decided that Oswald had acted alone
      in assassinating John F. Kennedy in 1963
i. Democrat Senators failed in their attempt to smear this
      Supreme Court appointment, perhaps fearful of the impact
      a brilliant black conservative would have
j. leader of the Soviet Union from 1964 to the mid eighties and undertook a huge    
      military build-up that brought them even with our nuclear arsenal
k. leader of the North Vietnamese Communists
l. this billionaire's candidacy for President as an independent took
      away enough votes from Republican candidates to elect Clinton twice
m. laissez faire oriented economist of the Chicago School of
      economics, but whose proposals led to creation of the Earned Income Credit
n. leader of USSR from the death of Stalin until after the Cuban
      Missile Crisis
o. anti middle class value based youth rebellion of the late 1960's -- turn on, tune in,
      and drop out
p. one of the major stops for black musical entertainers in 1960's
q. struggle between the developed and developing  nations of the earth
r. said that music was doing as much for integration as civil rights leaders were
s. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain got Hitler's promise
      for an end to his demands for territory and for peace
t. Panamanian leader ousted by the Bush administration for his
      involvement in drug trafficking
u. conservative Republican candidate for President in 1964
      who lost in a landslide largely attributable to grief and shock over the JFK
      assassination a year earlier
v. Kennedy blockaged Cuba and demanded that the Soviets
      take out missiles they had installed there, but he timed it so it would help
      his party in the 1962 Congressional elections
w. founded Motown Records
x. the surplus in this has been used to shroud the deficits
      of the federal government since the 1960's
y. the radical fundamentalist muslim rulers who harbored bin laden's
      terrorist network until US led forces ousted them
z. Carter forced Egypt's Sadat and Israel's Begin to agree
      formally to a peace agreement; it got Sadat killed, and the two countries were
      already at 'peace,' but it was intended to help Carter's reelection prospects