part II answers

a. methodology of social democracy programs for redistribution of wealth
      and which decapitate the profit/social surplus fuel for economic development
b. premier of China when Nixon visited opening US relations and trade
c. 1957 crisis of Arkansas public school desegregation into which Eisenhower had to  
      end up sending troops
d. radical student protest group of 1960's
e. Nixon created this agency which is supposed to make the workplace
      safer, but that has more effectively been achieved by technology, litigation,
      and insurance
f. IMF policy of limiting aid to poor countries to technologies which fit their level of   
      development as a prerequisite for loans to them
g. socialist programs of state control over factories, etc.
h. requirements set by IMF as a basis for a nation receiving its loans
i. doctrine of the nuclear balance of terror
j. government control of political campaigns and finance set up after
k. agency under the aupsices of the UN which provides 'check clearing'
      services to member nations to promote trade
l. the dispersal of Africans across North and South America
m. reseach begun by Reagan to develop a nuclear shield to be based on
      particle and laser beam technologies
n. the end of this monopoly paved the way for cell phone technologies
o. freedom rides
p. Eisenhower's program to build these had a huge impact on the
      nation from forging greater hegemony to lowering transport costs
q. sit ins
r. Bush program to lower trade barriers among the US, Canada, and  Mexico
s. attacked by an alliance of Arab states in 1967, Israel quickly defeated them and   
      occupied large pieces of stategic land they had held on its borders
t. allowed for federal registrars to be sent into counties
      with large numbers of unregistered minorities
u. the 'quiet' collapse of socialist control over central Europe in 1989
v. large numbers of students and others went to Mississippi
      in 1964 to combat segregation, teach, and register black voters
w. umbrella group of Palestinian groups, many of which were terrorist organizations
x. this law prohibited discrimination in any facility which was public or accomodated
      the public
y. late 1970's effort to reduce government intervention in the
      trucking and airline industries
z. this conflict between Israel and Arab states near it was  
      ostensibly a basis for OPEC's oil embargo and an oil shortage which
      dramatically increased gas prices in the US in the 1970's