Part I

a. Allied forces land troops on the Normandy coast of France to begin effort to drive
      Nazis back from their conquest of Europe
b. Supreme Court ruled that arrested persons must be told their rights
c. The Court overturned laws restricting some abortion
d. battles at El Alemein, Stalingrad, and in the Pacific mark the 'turning point' in the
      war, as Axis forces are stopped in their advances
e. massive program of aid to Europe to rebuild its devastated economy and allow it
      to buy necessary products from the US
f. Court overturned the conviction of a Florida man because he was not provided with
      legal counsel
g. in 1954, the Supreme Court overturned the Plessy v Ferguson rule of segregation
      on the basis that 'separate was inherently unequal'
h. terrorists destroy World Trade Center in NYC killing over 3000 people
i. name of LBJ's massive set of government programs which launched the growth
      of the public sector, government intervention, and the beginnings of deficits
j. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor brings US into WWII
k. research at Soldiers Field in Chicago that lead to nuclear weapons and power
l. Truman Administration policy of blocking the expansion of communism all over the  
m. Nazi invasion of Poland marks the 'official' beginning of WWII
n. Eisenhower told the British and French to let Egypt have the canal and not attack
      that country or we would defend it, in part to stop a war bewteen Russia and  
      them because Russia had told Egypt it would stand with them
o. meeting of Big Three as WWII ended to discuss how to restructure Europe after  
      the  war
p. JFK assassinated in Dallas
q. Soviets shut down access routes to West Berlin
r. US forces began to drive the Japanese Imperial Navy back from its Pacific conquests.
s. in 1957, the Soviets took everyone by surprise by launching the world's
first artificial satellite
t. 1968 case in which the Supreme Court banned racial discrimination in housing
u. US drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima
v. 1945 meeting which created the United Nations
w. 1945 meeting which set up the fixed exchange rate system that prevailed until
      1973, at which the International Monetary Fund was created
x. Supreme Court ordered that representative districts had to be redrawn after each        
      sentence for equal representation -- one man, one vote
y. the Supreme Court ordered busing to achieve racial balance in public schools
z. Meeting of Stalin, Truman, and Atlee to discuss the division of defeated Germany