Catalogue of Articles

Floridian in Jerusalem received 2 ballots
Tarawa sailor disputes Navy ballot count
Problems Arise With Florida Overseas Votes
With Absentee Ballots in, Bush Ahead by 926
1 Million California Ballots Still Uncounted
After ruling, county gathers staff, starts count
Seasoned Democratic Army Hits the Shores of Florida
Milwaukee Investigates Vote Fraud
Bush's Lead Stands at 926 After Overseas Count
Dems Upset by Bush Gains in Palm Beach County
Seniors in South Florida Said to be Voting Twice
Gore Gains Few Votes in Broward County
Bush Leads Gore by 930 Votes in Fla.
Republicans Angry over Taped Ballots
Rep. Foley Opposes Florida Court Action
At least 39 felons cast illegal votes
Judge delays hearing on Seminole County absentee ballots
Witness to Gore Vote Fraud Goes Public on National TV

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